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Open Letter to the Tea Party

Dear Tea Party: You may have noticed in the past few days that the Obama administration, through designated attack dogs—David Axelrod, John Kerry, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, etc.—have blamed the Tea Party for the recent S&P downgrade. Naturally, the Obama-enabling liberal media have jumped on the bandwagon and accused the Tea Party of being hostage-takers, terrorists, […]

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Michele Bachmann: Israel & The Glamour Quotient

Michele Bachmann (Republican, MN) is running for the GOP Presidential nomination. Karen and I have long been supporters of Representative Bachmann, proudly contributing to her campaigns. She is the anti-Obama when it comes to fiscal and social policy and especially in regard to America and Israel. Bachman was raised in a conservative Christian home where […]

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Michele Bachmann: The Next Jew

  Sarah Palin wore a Magen David to celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem. Naturally, liberals accuse her of Jew-hatred.   Tweet The Selective Investigative Instincts of the Liberal Media When Sarah Palin burst upon the national scene and the liberal media attempted to destroy her Seraphic Secret observed that Governor Palin was being transformed into […]

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Michele Bachmann: “America Will Be Cursed If We Reject Israel.”

Rep. Michele Bachmann (Republican) spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition in Los Angeles last week. Keep in mind that Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are both relentlessy disparaged by liberals, cruelly characterized as stupid right wing extremists. That’s because both women believe in defeating Islamist terrorists, and treating foreign terrorist as war criminals. They are […]

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