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The New Leader of the Free World

One day before the election, a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District told me of a conversation he had with a seven-year-old student. The child asked for whom the teacher was voting. “That’s private, ” said the teacher with a smile. “If you vote for Romney, that means you have Romnesia. He’s only […]

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How to Write a Screenplay — How to Win an Election

Seraphic Secret voted early. A few years ago, at our local polling station, an election volunteer looked at yours truly, checked my name on the registration ledger and said: “You’re a Republican? But you look like such a nice man!” That was the last time I voted at a polling station. I decline to be […]

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We the Undersigned… Public Military Endorsements for Romney and Obama

“We the undersigned proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our nation’s next Commander-in-Chief.” Admiral James B. Busey, USN, (Ret.) General James T. Conway, USMC, (Ret.) General Terrence R. Dake, USMC, (Ret) Admiral James O. Ellis, USN, (Ret.) Admiral Mark Fitzgerald, USM, (Ret.) General Ronald R. Fogleman, USAF, (Ret.) General Tommy Franks, USA, (Ret.) General Alfred […]

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Days of Heaven

There was a moment on my walk this morning, at about 5:30 a.m., when I just stopped dead in my tracks and watched the horizon change from blue-black to blushing violet. In the movie industry, this stretch of time is known as magic hour. Cinematographers who shoot in these few precious moments, if they know […]

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Obama’s Revenge vs. Romney’s Love of Country

The other day, Barack Hussein Obama told his followers that “voting is the best revenge.” This is the politics of nihilism, which pretty much sums up Obama’s ideology. The Romney campaign responded with this ad. [youtube][/youtube] These two tiny moments in the 2012 campaign are, as far as Seraphic Secret is concerned, the spine of […]

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Liberal + Jewish + Democrat = Romney Voter

Meet Bryna Franklin, lifelong Democrat. [youtube][/youtube] Jewish Democrats never tire of telling us that Barack Hussein Obama is really Israel’s greatest supporter. They maintain that by insisting that Israel withdraw to the 1967 armistice lines — AKA Auschwitz borders — Obama is practicing tough love. Seraphic Secret has said any number of times that this […]

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Child Abuse: Where Jihadists and Democrats Converge

Seraphic Secret is struck, but not surprised, at the way Islamists use and abuse their children in the endless war against Western civilization. Here’s a clip of a child preacher from Egyptian TV. [youtube][/youtube] The kid has no idea what he’s saying. He’s just repeating what he’s been taught, regurgitating hate like a robot. In […]

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Media Blackout on Benghazi Massacre

Sunday, when morning television is wall-to-wall news programs, Benghazigate was a no-show, except on Fox, where Chris Wallace made this emerging scandal the focus of his Sunday panel. My friend, Joel Pollak, over at, reports on a media blackout. The mainstream media’s silence on the Benghazi disaster reached deafening levels on Sunday, as hosts […]

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Attack of the Obama Robots: North Carolina Voting Machines Count Romney Votes For Obama

The Democrats never tire of claiming that voter ID laws are racist. But when voter fraud is cited as a national problem, Democrats deny that such a thing even exists. Irony alert: They vigorously deny the existence of voter fraud, and yet it took place on the floor of their own convention with the Jerusalem/G-d […]

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Debate #3: The Statesman and the Community Agitator

Well, clearly Mitt Romney reads Seraphic Secret. Yesterday we asserted that two foreign policy issues should dominate the final Romney-Obama debate: 1) The greatest threat to America’s national security is our failing economy. 2) A nuclear Iran. Thus, Romney relentlessly hammered away at Obama’s failed economic policies, linking this with weakness overseas. Regarding Iran, Romney […]

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Romney Roasts Obama at Al Smith Dinner

[youtube][/youtube]     Because Barack Hussein Obama can’t run on his dismal four year record, he spent hundreds of millions of advertising dollars demonizing Mitt Romney. When Romney appeared at the first debate, without the poisonous filter of the mainstream media, the American people saw a decent and capable man who bore no resemblance to […]

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Debate #2: The Obamanomic Horror Show

Debate #2 will, no doubt, be hailed by liberals as Obama’s comeback. Indeed, Barack Hussein Obama attacked Mitt Romney with every word and every space between words. And I’m sure that his base is delighted and will declare him the winner of last night’s debate. But Obama’s base is, well, Obama’s base. They are doctrinaire […]

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America Won’t Survive Another Four Years of Barack Hussein Obama

David P. Goldman is one of the smartest, best informed political, cultural and religious philosophers in America. His book How Civilizations Die: (And Why Islam Is Dying Too) is one of the most frequently referenced works on Seraphic Secret’s bookshelf. In this article, Goldman—who blogs as Spengler in the Asian Times— explains why another four […]

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Romney – Obama Debate: The Emperor Has No Clothes

In the first Presidential debate of 2012, Barack Hussein Obama had his head handed to him by Governor Mitt Romney. Obama’s strategy was simple: deliver a series of lies that would leave Mitt Romney flustered and on the defensive. But Romney was well prepared for Obama’s Alinsky tactics, and he fired back with facts and […]

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Liberal Media Are The Enemy Of The American People

Mitt Romney is not running against Barack Hussein Obama. Governor Romney is running against a liberal media complex — Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” — and Barack Hussein Obama. Liberal journalists are not journalists. They are Democrat campaign workers. In domestic policy the media are advocates for the grim European welfare state. In foreign policy, liberal […]

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There Are Lies, There Are Damned Lies, And There Are Polls

Karl Rove breaks down the liberal polling bias on Hannity. The Architect explains how both Obama and Romney are winning equal majorities of their base. However, Romney is winning independent voters. But because of manipulation by pollsters Romney is losing by 9 points. It’s just the media playing tricks to demoralize conservatives. [youtube][/youtube]

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Will Jews Decide the 2012 Election?

Very interesting video by Mitchell Bard, PhD. [youtube][/youtube] Over 80% of Orthodox Jews vote Republican and Conservative. Secular Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. The reasons are simple. Orthodox Jews live by conservative values and care deeply about Israel. Secular Jews live by progressive values, and in spite of what they claim, they do not care […]

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The War Against Women and Children

[youtube][/youtube]   Republican congressional candidate Mia Love addressed the Republican National Convention in Tampa last night. The GOP contender, a devout Mormon, running for Utah’s 4th district House seat told her audience, “The America I grew up knowing was centered in self-reliance and filled with possibilities of living the American dream.” Watching the GOP Convention […]

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Obama Lies, Press Yawns

[youtube][/youtube]   President Barack Hussein Obama finally took a few questions from his campaign staff, whoops, I mean the White House press corps yesterday. He was asked about the sleazy campaign he’s running. Obama responded: “Nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon. We point out sharp differences between the candidates, but we don’t go […]

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Democrats React (Badly) to Ryan

Democrats claim to be delighted that Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate. The attack dogs of the left are already trying to paint Ryan as some kind of radical who will “end Medicare as we know it.” Considering that Medicare, according to the CBO, will implode in 12 years—maybe sooner—this is an […]

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