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Toulouse and Mumbai Where Jewish Souls Meet

The genius of the Jewish people is the accumulation of memory. The march of history is detailed and understood as our relationship with HaShem. We perpetuate history through tradition, law and mitzvot, rituals that guide the passages of our lives. Birth and death are sanctified. Death is the crisis of life. How do we cope with […]

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“Now We Are All Lubavitch”

The other day, Seraphic Secret received a note from Chabad Headquarters in Crown Heights, N.Y. expressing appreciation for our coverage of the pogrom on the Jews of India. Chabad also thanked us for our “unabashed love for Klal Yisroel [World Jewry] and your clearheaded insight into matters of Israel’s well being and security.” Chabad informed […]

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Silence = Acceptance

Seraphic Secret is one of the 18. H/T Treppenwitz The Mumbai terror massacres and the selection of Mumbai’s Jews for murder should alert the free world to the Jew-hatred that is at the core of Islamo Nazism. Not territorial disputes, the demarcation of national boundaries or refugees. These are just fig-leafs for a genocidal transnational […]

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Terrorism, Terrorism, Terrorism…

Pop Quiz. Identify the three masked figures. They are:a) Gun Menb) Militantsc) Practitioners of Islamic Theologyd) Professors of Middle Eastern Studies at Columbia Universitye) Palestinian Terrorists *Correct answer at end of article. If you cannot name the enemy, how can you fight the war they have declared against you, much less triumph in such a […]

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Two Funerals and a Wedding: Remembering Gavriel & Rivka Holtzberg ZT’L

Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg. Photo: Introduction Batya Rotter, the daughter of our friends Dr. Arnie and Leah Rotter, spent a good deal of time in Mumbai. Naturally, as a young Othodox Jewish woman in a land where Jews are as rare as the Dodo Bird, Batya was drawn to the Chabad House where […]

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The Horror Continues: Rivka Holtzberg ZT’L, Six Months Pregnant

Two-year old Moshe Tzvi Holtzberg, son of Rabbi Gavriel andRivka Holtzberg, May Their Blood be Avenged.Photo: Reuters Seraphic Secret is deeply sorry to add more anguish to this already horrific story, but it is now public knowledge that Rivka Holtzberg ZT’L, May Her Blood Be Avenged, was six months pregnant when she was tortured and […]

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That One Cruse of Oil

Last Sunday morning I attended a bris, a circumcision, at my shul The Young Israel of Century City . Sitting next to me during Shachris, morning prayers, was my friend Rabbi Marvin Hier, Founder and Dean of The Simon Wiesenthal Center, here in Los Angeles. After davening, prayers, I said to Rabbi Hier: “Hey, did […]

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Shabbat with Gavriel & Rivkah Holtzberg ZT’L

Our friend Dr. Sherwin Isenberg, a member of Young Israel of Century City, spent Shabbat in Mumbai with Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg ZT’L, four days before the massacre. Sherwin is a internationally renowned Pediatric Ophthalmologist who does research to prevent childhood blindness in the far corners of the world. In this video, he speaks at […]

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The Nanny of Mumbai: A Hero of our Time

Moshe Tzvi Holtzberg with Sandra Samuel, the courageous Indian nanny whosaved Moshe’s life when she spirited Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg’s ZT’L sonaway when the Mumbai Chabad House came under attack by the Islamo Nazis.The family is trying to arrange for Ms. Samuel to continue as Moshe’s nanny in Israel.

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Because They Were Jews

Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg ZT’L. May Ha-Shem avenge their blood. So, let’s recap: the Islamo Nazis who committed the atrocities in Mumbai were angry about Kashmir—any grievance will do—so naturally they dispatch their Islamic stormtroopers to torture and murder Jews. I’m sure this will make sense to the useful idiots who enable the Islamo […]

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Jew-Hunting in Mumbai

Last night, my heart sank as I watched an Indian commando raise his automatic weapon above his head and blindly spray gunfire towards Chabad House. I turned to Karen and said: “That is not good, that is not how special-ops roll. Not the real guys.” Spraying and praying in a hostage situation? My head was […]

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Commandos Storm Chabad House in Mumbai

Indian special forces rappel from a helicopter to the Chabad house in Mumbai. Storming strongly fortified positions held by terrorists who have no moral compunctions about slaughtering innocent men, women and children is, at best, playing the devil’s arithmetic. We can only hope that the Indian special forces have the proper intel and are well […]

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Jews Targeted by Muslim Terrorists in Mumbai

From Arutz Sheva: Muslim terrorists in Mumbai reportedly have abducted Chabad Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg, his wife Rivka and their child. Indian television reported that six Israelis are being held hostage. The Foreign Ministry has not confirmed the report, and its last official statement was that no contact has been made with them. It added that […]

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