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The Terrorist is Still Dead

The Mystical Lights of Efrat Shabbos in the Judean town of Efrat, Israel is a deeply moving experience. As the sun falls it gently folds itself into the surrounding hills and valleys. The same Judean hills where Jews have lived, worked and fought since Biblical times. The unearthly light makes a final golden splash. I […]

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Wall to Wall Bloggers: Part I

Snap Fingers—You’re So Dead! Snick! Someone has snapped a picture of me. I scan the room. ID the Jewparazzi, snap my fingers and point. One of my trusty thugs oozes forward, all crackling menace, grabs the camera, rips out the negative, and then smashes the camera underfoot. Gotta control my image. Gotta keep my face […]

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The Moroccan Amen

Cup used for ritual hand washing FADE IN: My friend Treppenwitz AKA David Bogner, his lovely and lively wife Zehava, Karen and I are starving. We don’t have time for dinner because we have to get to Jerusalem to attend the First International Jewish Blogger’s Conference hosted by Nefesh B’Nefesh and powered by Webads. We […]

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Nefesh B’nefesh: Scenes from a Flight

Mitzvah at High Altitude “We’re having a Sheva B’rachos at seat 24, come on over, okay?” I’m on the Nefesh B’Nefesh flight to Israel and one of the NBN staff members have just invited me and my friend, the great blogger Treppenwitz to help celebrate the sheva b’rachos for a young married couple. Soul by […]

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Preflight: Quick Cuts

FADE IN: INT. VIRGIN AMERICA PLANE – NIGHT “So what do you?” I’m on my L.A. to N.Y. flight and I’ve been pecking away at my computer working on a script. There’s a young woman sitting next to me, and she’s so obviously an actress I feel embarrassed labeling her so quickly. But hey, twenty-five […]

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