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Which Witch to Watch or 7 Movies About Witches

Witchcraft and witches have been a favorite subject of films ever since the silent era. Witches secretly mask themselves in normalcy while deviously undermining society, orthodox religion, and free will. Generally, films about witches fall into two general categories: those that believe in witches, and those that view witchcraft as a symptom of sexual repression. […]

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Three Essential Streaming Movies

Zero Motivation, (2014) Israel. Zohar (Dana Ivgy) and Daffi (Nelly Tagar) are two young Israeli soldiers serving on a remote army base. Stuck in the Human Resources Division, the girls are bored pencil-pushers who spend their days playing video games, singing pop songs, flirting with handsome male soldiers, and dreaming of escape to Tel Aviv. […]

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Coming of Age: Three Must See Films Currently Streaming

One of the most durable movie genres is the coming of age narrative. With roots in the 18th century literary novel, tales about young people who mature through ordinary and extraordinary circumstances have an irresistible appeal that is universal. Here are three films that are currently streaming on either Netflix or Amazon Prime. Each in […]

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Three Notable Films About Youth on Netflix

To be young is to be foolish and make mistakes—hopefully none of them fatal. It’s also a time for trying on different guises and carving out a place in the world. Most of all it’s a time of crazy impulses, mad love affairs, and grandiose dreams. To be young is to be the main character […]

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Three Notable Films from Australia on Netflix, Yiddish in the Outback

One of the joys of Netflix is their vast library of international films that get no theatrical distribution in America. Seraphic Secret goes through periods of screening, including but not limited to, South Korean, British, Chinese, Scandinavian, Japanese, Bollywood, and most recently, Australian movies. Aussie films have a peculiar charm that will have you calling […]

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