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The Jews of Norway: Past, Present and No Future

Seraphic Secret has written here and here about Norwegian films we admire. But we also recognize that  Norway is one of the most anti-Semitic countries in the world. One has to wonder about the national character of a land where Jews and Israel are demonized, and IslamoNazis are given a pass. Here’s a fascinating article […]

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Justice Norwegian Style

Anders Behring Breivik murdered 77 people. In court, he said: “I would have done it again.” One of the judges on the Breivik panel said that “the death penalty is the only just thing to do in this case.” This judge was immediately removed from the case. Breivik is not insane. But Norwegian justice is.

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Muslims Rape Norwegians, Norwegians Promptly Blame Israel

Jew-Hatred is the antidote for, well, everything. Economy in trouble? Blame it on the greedy and manipulative capitalist Jews. Got nasty crowds fomenting revolution in the streets? Obviously the work of Commie Jews. And when there’s a wave of rapes committed by Muslims what could be more natural than to blame the Jews. But the […]

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Mossad Responsible for Norwegian Terrorism

As Seraphic Secret predicted, the Norwegian massacre is being blamed on Israel by various elements in the Muslim world. Before too long this delusional narrative will gain traction and become another blood libel against the Jewish people set in stone. At this very moment Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is mowing down his own citizens in […]

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Massacre in Norway: The Jews Are to Blame and Hey, Amy Winehouse was Jewish So…

Yesterday, Seraphic Secret predicted that Israel/Jews would be blamed for the massacre in Norway. Not a hard call if you are familiar with the religious culture of hate that permeates the Muslim world. In today’s edition, The Daily Star, a Lebanese newspaper, delivers a blunt salvo in this Jew-hating conspiracy theory which will spread and […]

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Massacre in Norway, Patterns That Are and Are Not

  “The left’s wet dream has materialized.” Thus a close friend described the terrorist atrocity in Norway. Indeed, a blond hair, blue-eyed terrorist bombed government buildings and then gunned down scores of children at a youth camp run by Norway’s ruling political party. “Now,” said my friend, “the left will crow about Christian terrorism, proof […]

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