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Obama Declines to Renew Emergency Oil Supply Pact With Israel

Yes, Obama is that spiteful against the Jewish State. In September 1975, when Israel and Egypt were negotiating Israel’s withdrawal from Sinai, the status of the Sinai oil fields was a central issue. Israel had been getting oil from these fields after taking over the Sinai in the aftermath of the Six Day War in […]

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Climate Change = People Control

Barack Hussein Obama is set to deliver a, sigh, major speech (does this man ever deliver minor speeches?) about so-called climate change. Whatever happened to Global Warming? And gee, back in the ice age of 1977, Time published a cover story about global cooling and the impending, y’know, Ice Age.

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Israel: Petro Power

  Tweet Islamic jihad is based on Koranic ideology, a poisonous brew of theological Jew-hatred and global imperialism. The ultimate goal of jihad is to kill every Jew and Christian on the face of the earth and establish a world-wide 7th century caliphate oppressing non-Muslims as dhimmis and enslaving Muslim women as well, Muslim women. […]

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