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How to Resolve an IslamoNazi Hostage Crisis In One Easy Lesson

Wherever we turn, IslamoNazis strike terror into the heart of democracies through kidnappings and slaughter. America freed four high-level IslamoNazis in return for one worthless American traitor. There was a time when Israel did not negotiate with terrorists — until they did. Gilad Shalit was traded for over one thousand hardened terrorists, many with blood […]

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Pak Tribune Calls for America to Get Rid of Jews

The Pak Tribune, a newspaper out of Islamabad, Pakistan, has published an article by columnist Zaheerul Hassan that blames America’s current economic woes on, who else, a Jewish/Zionist conspiracy. In fact, Hassan blames all the world’s problems on the Jews. The article is a mad stew of every Jew-hating conspiracy theory that comfortably simmers in […]

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