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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions


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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions, Self-Portraits, Early Selfies


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Friday Photos: Welcome to the New La-La Land

Tweet   Hollywood was once the dream capital of the world. Movies peddled glamour and fantasy. This was La-La Land where outrageous plots and larger than life characters allowed audiences to construct alternate realities — entertainment. But La-La Land has relocated. On Wednesday, President Obama delivered the commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy in […]

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Friday Photos: Announcing a New Jewish Holiday Edition

Tweet Jewish humor is filled with self-deprecating observations. We poke fun at our peculiar foibles, and frequently address our greatest anxieties — intermarriage, Jew-hatred, weight-gain — with a take-no-prisoners attitude. If you want to know how Jews are really feeling about something or someone, pay attention to the jokes Jews tell each other. A few […]

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Friday Photos: ObamaNet Edition

Tweet Few noticed that a significant  erosion of liberty took place this week in a room in Washington where three Democrat party commissars voted to classify the internet as a public utility. This means that over the next few years, slowly, almost imperceptibly, the federal government will levy increasingly heavy taxes on the internet. In […]

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Friday Photos: Totally Random

Tweet Usually, we publish photos that have a central theme. Not today. We’re feeling a bit scattered. Perhaps we’re spooked by ObamaCare, by what’s happening to this country. We are watching a national calamity unfold in slow motion, and we are helpless to stop it. In any case, here are a few photos, most taken […]

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Friday Photos: Whatever

Tweet No theme today. Just a random collection of fun photos. Enjoy!

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Friday Photos: Montage

Tweet Last night’s Vice-Presidential debate was most notable for the optics delivered to the public. No matter what the candidates said, their style conveyed a powerful message. Joe Biden, a bombastic wind-bag, smirked, snarled, rolled his eyes, laughed, and displayed contempt for Congressman Ryan. In contrast, young Paul Ryan was dignified, earnest, polite, respectful and […]

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Friday Photos: Blue

Tweet Wandering around my beautiful neighborhood recently, I’ve noticed lots of blue. Always on the lookout for compelling Friday Photos, I decided that blue would be a fun theme. And then, once I made that decision, all I saw was blue: blue cars, blue buildings — you name it, it’s blue. I suppose the same […]

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Friday Photos

Tweet Hypothetical question: Your house is on fire. Everyone is safe. You can run in and rescue one item. What will it be? The answer, overwhelmingly, is family photos. We are the sum of our memories. Photos help us capture time and space, preserve moments that otherwise would be lost. I seek the ordinary, the […]

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Friday Photos: My Beautiful Neighborhood

Tweet Los Angeles is built for the automobile. But I make it my business to walk around, exploring unexpected corners of my neighborhood. Behind the wheel of a car the world whooshes past in a blur. But on foot I have the opportunity to focus on the deliciously ordinary. All photos were taken with my […]

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Friday Photos: Whatever

Tweet No overiding theme today. Just random photos of whatever struck my fancy at any given moment.

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Goodbye (Elite?) Iran Unit

Tweet Day 21 of the Gaza War IDF soldiers in urban, three dimensional battlefields, must smash holes in walls between buildings in order to avoid booby traps. So expert are the IDF at this form of warfare that Israeli officers were dispatched to Iraq to train American troops. Thus, numerous lives were spared. Seraphic Secret […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood VIII

Tweet I went through this period were I photographed richly textured details of roofs, sides of buildings, steel grates, and other stuff in my neighborhood. I printed the photo twice, paired them as mirror images, rephotographed the assemblage to highlight compositional elements, and then, whew, printed them again. I created hundreds of these compositions before […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood VII

Tweet Great signage right off Pico Blvd. This is the store where I buyall my American and Israeli flags and lapel pins. As I’ve said, I love to roam the alleyways here in my neighborhood.This row of garages has layers of texture topped by wonderfully muted colors. Self-portrait in concrete. They don’t build hinges like […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood VI

Tweet Sometimes I don’t have to stray very far from my front door to discover dazzling compositions. This blue dot on the field of gray and green is on the sidewalk right in front of Casa Avrech. This week Karen and I replaced our old furnace—when I say old I’m talking 1930’s—with a spanking new […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood V

Tweet I went shopping for new running shoes at the West Side Pavilion. Parked on the top level of the structure. Spent about five minutes taking pictures of this fabulous yellow zip running through a steel grill. Barnett Newman could not have done better. Did you know that the average running shoe costs more than […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood IV

Tweet I caught this lovely muted composition at one of my favorite places in Los Angeles:The Griffith Observatory. Love the Agnes Martin-like muted tones that are punched through by little black rectangles into another mysterious dimension—the definition of modern art. Ordinarily, I like symmetry. But asymmetry has its charms. I have a feeling that the […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood III

Tweet I stumbled across this unexpected industrial landscape in my ownneighborhood here in Los Angeles. I love the lime-green and mochapunctuated by that splash of blue. Some of my very favorite places in Los Angeles are the drivewaysbetween buildings. People dump all sorts of stuff in these spaces and I’malways on the lookout for old […]

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My Beautiful Neighborhood, Part II

Tweet It’s Friday, Baruch HaShem. Time to take a break from politics and terrorism. Time, once again, to take a stroll around my wonderful neighborhood here in Los Angeles and focus on the startling beauty that is everywhere. Found this beautiful industrial composition on the side of a building on La Cienega Blvd. On Pico […]

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