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Preston Sturges’ Rules for Box Office Appeal

The other day a young screenwriter asked yours truly how I go about constructing a script. “I start at the end. I need to know my ending and resolution—two distinct narrative end-points—before I start writing the script.” The young screenwriter asked if my story ideas start with character or plot. “Sometimes character, sometimes plot. A […]

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The Religious Wisdom of Preston Sturges

The Great McGinty (1940) charts the rise and fall of a Depression era hobo to mayor of a city, then Governor, and finally exile in a banana republic. Though a satire, Preston Sturges, certainly the greatest writer-director in Hollywood history, was a keen observer of American political life. McGinty, played by Brian Donlevy, finds favor […]

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The Political Wisdom of Preston Sturges

Preston Sturges wrote and directed The Great McGinty, 1940, a political satire that, seen today, is astonishingly accurate in its depiction of big city politics and the corruption and self-interest of politicians who claim to serve the interests of “the little people.” Though the film is carefully non-partisan, depicting all politicians as crooked, one can’t […]

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