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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions


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Hidden Hollywood: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Politically Incorrect in Hollywood

Tweet In 1924 while shooting a film in New York, actress Patsy Ruth Miller (1904-1995) developed a close friendship with author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda. Frequently, Fitzgerald and Patsy Ruth would go out for dinner while Zelda remained home pleading fatigue. Patsy Ruth eventually realized that Zelda’s fatigue was acute alcoholism. Observes Patsy Ruth: It didn’t […]

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions


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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions


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Three Notable Films from Australia on Netflix, Yiddish in the Outback

Tweet One of the joys of Netflix is their vast library of international films that get no theatrical distribution in America. Seraphic Secret goes through periods of screening, including but not limited to, South Korean, British, Chinese, Scandinavian, Japanese, Bollywood, and most recently, Australian movies. Aussie films have a peculiar charm that will have you […]

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions


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Raymond Chandler: Advice for Hollywood Screenwriters

Tweet Like every writer or almost every writer, who goes to Hollywood, I was convinced in the beginning that there must be some discoverable method of working in pictures which would not be completely stultifying to whatever creative talent one might happen to possess. But like others before me I discovered that this was a […]

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Warning: Hollywood’s Coming for Your Home and Children

Tweet Jewish Action magazine has just published another of my articles about Hollywood as leftist propaganda machine. This time I focus on Hollywood and the family.

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The Wisdom of Hollywood Screenwriters — They Died With Their Boots On

Tweet One of the most beautiful and touching films where marriage and family is the central subtext is They Died with Their Boots On (1941), a fanciful retelling of the George Armstrong Custer legend starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. The screenplay is by Æneas MacKenzie,Wally Kline, and Lenore J. Coffee.

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Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1960s: To Kill a Mockingbird

Tweet We continue our survey of the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1960s. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1950s, click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1940s, click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1930s click here. For the Twenty Greatest Movies of the 1920s click here. 6. To […]

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Confessions of a Shomer Shabbos Hollywood Screenwriter

Tweet Act I: Exposition—In Which the Main Characters and Primary Drama Are Introduced It’s Shabbat morning. I’m in synagogue, praying, where an undertone of chatter is definitely not the norm. For me, a frum-from-birth screenwriter, this synagogue, where my wife and I have been members since we moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn, is my […]

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Tough Dames, Tough Dialogue

Tweet Less is more. That’s the rule I follow when writing dialogue for one of my films. In truth, when writing a screenplay, I make every effort to draft scenes with no dialogue. Zip. Zero. Nada. Film is, or should be, primarily a visual medium where the story is told using images. But of course, […]

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Tough Guys, Tough Dialogue

Tweet The trick in writing dialogue for movies is to write as little as possible. Less is more. But when you do use dialogue, every word counts; every word a precious jewel that, ideally, delivers the proper balance of tone, characterization, and story. Here are a few examples of brilliant dialogue where we learn everything […]

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Israel Faces Chemical Islam — The Screenplay

Tweet Wide Angle Shots: American liberal-progressives move to disarm law-abiding American citizens. Barack Obama’s vision of a degraded American military gains traction among the elites. America supports the Muslim Brotherhood, a proudly Jew-hating, America-hating, genocidal-yearning gang of Islamic theocrat fascists. Intertitle: Somebody has to take the lead in the fight against the rising tide of […]

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How to Write a Screenplay — How to Win an Election

Tweet Seraphic Secret voted early. A few years ago, at our local polling station, an election volunteer looked at yours truly, checked my name on the registration ledger and said: “You’re a Republican? But you look like such a nice man!” That was the last time I voted at a polling station. I decline to […]

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Days of Heaven

Tweet There was a moment on my walk this morning, at about 5:30 a.m., when I just stopped dead in my tracks and watched the horizon change from blue-black to blushing violet. In the movie industry, this stretch of time is known as magic hour. Cinematographers who shoot in these few precious moments, if they […]

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Friday Flickers: My Life As A Mankiewicz

Tweet The son of famed writer-director Joseph L. Mankiewics, (All Abut Eve, A Letter to Three Wives, Guys and Dolls, Cleopatra) and the nephew of Citizen Kane screenwriter Herman Mankiewics, Tom Mankiewics (1942-2010) was Hollywood royalty. Humphrey Bogart gave Tom his first drink. He dined with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, and spent an evening […]

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Preston Sturges’ Rules for Box Office Appeal

Tweet The other day a young screenwriter asked yours truly how I go about constructing a script. “I start at the end. I need to know my ending and resolution—two distinct narrative end-points—before I start writing the script.” The young screenwriter asked if my story ideas start with character or plot. “Sometimes character, sometimes plot. […]

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Union Depot: Yearning For Zion In A Hollywood Classic

Tweet The camera swoops majestically through an enormous train station picking out individuals in the crush of humanity: soldiers, sailors, hookers, pickpockets, cops, Pullman porters, immigrants in peasant garb. This exhilarating opening is a tour de force of vignettes with characters delivering rapid fire dialogue perfectly timed to the swirling, unfettered movement of the G-d […]

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Telling the Truth in Hollywood

Tweet A less than glamorous job, most successful screenwriters are solitary individuals who work quietly and diligently at their craft. But screenwriter Peter Viertel (1920 – 2007) lived the jet-set life that is the glittering exception. Born in Dresden to an artistic and assimilated Jewish family, mother Salka was a screenwriter who was Greta Garbo’s […]

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