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10 Must See War Movies

There is no subject as well suited for the movies as war. In war there is conflict, love, and of course lots of action. Movies, said Hitchcock, are just like life, but with the boring parts cut out. Thus, movies about war delete the incredible boredom of most war-time experiences in favor of the hyper-drama […]

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Friday Photos: Still Scattered

  We hope all our readers had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. Keeping to last week’s theme of eschewing a theme, Seraphic Secret is, once again, indulging in a collection of random photos that we like for various reasons. We hope you do too.

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Lust in Lappland: The Pathfinder

Mikkel Gaup as Aigin, The Pathfinder, 1987. Tweet A little girl searches for her lost dog. The landscape is sheeted with snow and ice. Bundled in thick furs, the child approaches a stand of birch trees. She lifts her eyes and spies a discordant note: in the whiteness of the snow, among the white trees, […]

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Screenwriter Confesses: ‘I Could Never Love a Woman Who Didn’t Love The Seven Samurai’

Still from The Seven Samurai. Note the, um, Magen David. Yours truly first laid eyes on my wife, Karen, when we were both nine-years-old, students in Yeshiva of Flatbush elementary school. Thus began a love affair that defined and continues to define my existence. The time has come to introduce Karen to Akira Kurosawa. The […]

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