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Advice for the Next President: Reward Your Friends and Punish Your Enemies

Barack Obama has left a trail of ruin and misery in his eight year wake. From the collapsing Obamacare to his capitulation to the  terrorist regime of Iran, to the abdication of world leadership to Russia and China, Obama and the postmodern Democrats seem intent on only one mission: to turn America into an iron-fisted […]

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The Obama Doctrine

Smart Power in action. ObamaCare is a disaster that can only get worse. The IRS lost Lois Lerner’s emails. Veterans died so government bureaucrats could earn promotions and bonuses. How long before their emails are lost? Five Taliban generals are traded for a deserter.

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Obama’s Constant Traitors

The pattern is distinct and impossible to deny. Barack Obama, throughout his career, has made common cause with traitors. His mentor, Frank Marshall Davis was a vocal and notorious Communist. Obama kicked off his greasy political career in the living room of American terrorists Bill  Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn. And of course, Obama has consistently […]

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Lara Logan Slams Obama For Lying About Taliban

This speech by Lara Logan is important and revealing, and stands as a condemnation of Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy and the false narrative spun by Obama’s state media. Stick with the entire speech because in the last few minutes, her anger at the lies perpetrated by the Obama regime becomes incandescent. [youtube][/youtube]   Back […]

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Taliban Release Horrific Snuff Video, World Yawns

When a few Marines urinated on the bodies of dead Taliban terrorists in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan, the outcry from the the chattering classes was immediate and very loud. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta condemned the battlefield action as “utterly deplorable.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed “total dismay.” That two senior American government […]

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Clinton, Bush, and Osama Bin Laden: The Secret Cables

Seraphic Secret is still performing (however reluctantly) his civic duty on Jury Duty. Hence, time to blog is severely constrained. Luckily, David Paulin, a friend of this blog for many years and a fine journalist has provided us with an informative article based on Wikileaks documents that examines the shockingly credulous mind-set of career diplomats […]

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Islamophobia and Koran Burning Alert!

Higher education in Gaza. Tweet Muslim homicide bombings against innocent civilians were first unleashed en masse against the Jewish State. The world yawned because Jewish blood is cheaper than crude, and Palestinian “resistance”—code for terrorism—is, for leftist/liberal/progressives, an edgy fashion statement, the Prada of the political world. Of course, once homicide bombings against Jews gained […]

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Prisoner of the Taliban

The Taliban publicly executing a woman. Her husband andchildren were forced to watch. David Rohde, a Pulitzer prize winning reporter for The New York Times, has to spend seven hellish months as a prisoner of the fanatic Taliban to finally understand that these Islamists are murderous barbarians intent on creating a world wide Muslim Caliphate. […]

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