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Apple: Trillion $ Market Cap

Seraphic Secret has made no secret of our enthusiasm for Apple products—I skip their first generation stuff, it’s usually quite beta—and Apple stock. Every year, like clockwork, we urge our readers to consider purchasing Apple stock because Apple is on an epic roll. Apple products are marvels of technological innovation, yet at the same time […]

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Israel: Leader in Business Innovation

Dan Senor, co-author of Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, discusses with CNBC how Israel has managed to become a global leader in business innovation. The most salient point underscoring Israel’s business innovation is the Jewish state’s ability to harness and integrate their citizen soldiers—men serve for three years, women for two—into the […]

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Seraphic Secret Writes, Goldman Sachs Listens

A few hours after Seraphic Secret wrote about Apple, Goldman Sachs raised its target price. Hmm, we wonder if there’s a connection. NEW YORK (Reuters) – Shares of Apple Inc (AAPL.O: Quote, Profile , Research) rose 1.7 percent in trading before the bell on Thursday, after Goldman Sachs raised its price target to $190 from […]

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The Apple of my Eye

Back in June we predicted Apple would hit $160.00 per share before the end of the year. Whoops. We were wrong.Now, one respected analyst is saying that Apple will reach $180 to $205 before year’s end. We can only hope. The iPhone sold one million units in just one month, and with the $100 drop […]

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The iNcredible Shrinking iPhone

I keep telling our readers not to bet against Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs. He comes up with a whiz-bang product, the tech pundits pull out their knives and explain exactly why this revolutionary device just won’t, cannot work. The device rolls out, and it’s everything it should be—and more—and the tech pundits in all their […]

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iPhone & i

Who said the American musical is dead? Leave it to the iPhone to resurrect and inspire this great American cinematic art form. David Pogue where is your Ginger Rogers? Hat Tip: Seraphic Friend, Jack’s Random Thoughts. Karen and I and Seraphic Friend Michael Jennings, visiting from London, cruise on over to the Apple store in […]

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i Phone Therefore i Shop

Okay, okay, I’m driving you crazy with my iPhone mishigas. What can I say? I’m single-handedly trying to artificially drive up the price of the stock. I wish. And you think it’s easy coming up with these dopey headlines? No really, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal is one of the, ahem, rebbeim of […]

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i Phone Therefore i Exist

We make no secret of being huge Apple enthusiasts here at Seraphic Secret. We have also revealed that we invested in Apple stock several years ago as it was languishing at about $13 per share. It was then that we noticed Apple’s new music playing device, the iPod. Actually, we noticed the adoration that trendy […]

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An Hour with the i-Phone

NY Times tech columnist David Pogue got to spend one hour with the i-Phone. Here’s his preview: “Already, though, one thing is clear: the name iPhone may be doing Apple a disservice. This machine is so packed with possibilities that the cellphone may actually be the least interesting part. “As Mr. Jobs pointed out in […]

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Apple Phone is Finally Ringing

Seraphic Secret has long had a love affair with Apple products and Apple Stock. No too long ago we discussed the long-awaited, almost mythical Apple phone. At last, it is here. And is is beautiful. Just what you’d expect from Apple. “The iPhone, which will start at $499 when it launches in June, is controlled […]

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Apple: Phone Home

There is a great deal of buzz about Apple entering the cell phone market. I have been hearing about the Apple cell phone for years. But it does seem as if Apple is, at last, truly poised to enter the market in two stages in 2007: the first phone will download music, much like an […]

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Apple, The NY Times, & Me… Really

Several years ago I caught wind of a new musical device called an i-Pod. I thought it was neat. Actually, I thought it was more than neat. I thought it was brilliant and potentially huge. Physically, it was a beautiful object: white, silky, sleek and sexy, and the entire software package, so simple to use, […]

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