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The Jewish Vote Does Not Exist, And What to do About it

Michael Fenenbock, formerly a Democrat political consultant and activist, writes knowledgably about the current “hammer the Jews” policy of the Obama administration. Jewish demographics dictate that there is no meaningful Jewish vote, thus Jews who oppose Obama’s hostile policies to Israel should align themselves with larger groups who have political clout. Obviously, this is the […]

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The 18: Call President Obama

Our friend Michael Fenenbock of The 18, leads the charge against a so-called two state solution, which, in reality, is a Final Solution aimed at the Jewish people. Here’s the new video: Contact: The 18

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Where is the Peace?

No on two-state. There is already a Palestinian state and it is called Gaza, an Islamic terrorist state dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the elimination of Jews everywhere. It’s in their official covenant, perhaps the most racist, genocidal, Jew-hating document of modern times. Establishing another Palestinian reich in Judea and Samaria would be […]

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