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U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley at AIPAC

Haley is smart, tenacious, articulate, Conservative, a tireless defender of Israel who stands up to the Jew-Haters in the U.N. She would be a spectacular POTUS.

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UN Palestinian-Nazi Propaganda

American taxpayers pay for this Jew-hating filth via America’s  financial support for the U.N., a vile and useless organization that overwhelmingly serves the interests of tyrants, Islamist mass killers, and Jew-hating regimes. [youtube][/youtube]

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Pat Condell: Israel and the UN

The one and only Pat Condell on Obama’s go-to international community the United Nations and the Jew-hatred that animates that sewer. [youtube][/youtube]

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Understanding the UN, Brothel of Hate

A major part of Barack Obama’s multi-lateral (see under: appeasement) approach to foreign policy involves deeper US engagement with the UN, a corrupt institution whose major function in world affairs is to delegitimize Israel and Judaism. In a sense, the UN is Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity church on a global scale: a place where Orwellian speak […]

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Muslim Student Defends Israel at the Jew-hating U.N.

Translation: Don’t Tread on Me Tweet Here at Seraphic Secret we’re always hearing about the vast ocean of moderate Muslims who oppose the, er, minority of radical Islamists. For the most part, we dismiss this view because as history tell us—over and over again—a silent and ethically pliable majority easily slip into the role of […]

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The Human Rights Monsters of Turtle Bay

It is a gruesome thing to behold, leftist totalitarian and Islamist regimes using the noble rhetoric of human rights to further their tyrannical and theocratic goals. We have entered the age of Orwellian Newspeak where war is peace, good is evil, hate is love—and it’s all being legitimized on the global stage by Barack Obama. […]

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UK Colonel Richard Kemp Challenges Goldstone Blood Libel

The UN is an organization that thrives on hurling blood libels at Israel. Therefore, when the infamous Goldstone Report accused Israel of war crimes, I shrugged my shoulders. What else is new? But Col. Richard Kemp, a battle hardened Brit, defends the IDF against a world of lies. And though he was only allowed to […]

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Obama’s New Leverage Against Israel

President Obama has found a new community to organize: The Jew-haters who congregate—on American tax dollars—at the U.N. President Bush rightly shunned the U.N. Human Rights Council—Orwellian speak for racists, and genociders—refusing to confer legitimacy on a rabid gang who seek Israel’s destruction. But Barack Hussein Obama, always comfortable in the company of Jew-haters, has […]

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Netanyahu to U.N. Have You No Shame?

Bibi rips the rogues, tyrants, Jew-haters and genociders of the U.N. The disgusting institution that Obama seeks to elevate, and continue to support with our tax dollars. Remember, Obama made a point of reminding this odious body that the U.S. has paid up all outstanding dues. More important, Obama promised to run American foreign policy […]

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