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Dear Mr. Obama: Economics 101

Hat Tip: Joshua Pundit And our articulate friend Wolf Howling continues Eco 101 by explaining that the current financial crisis is a direct result of President Clinton’s policies and Democratic big government ideology. We are in a fiscal crisis today largely because of the sub-prime lending crisis. At the intersection of the crisis is Fannie […]

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Why Obama Might Lose the Election

Speechmaker Obama talks about an era of bipartisanship, He speaks powerfully about the destructive politics of red and blue states. Politician Obama has toed his party’s line more reliably than almost any other Democrat in US politics. He has a near-perfect record of voting with his side. He has the most solidly left-wing voting history […]

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Democrat: Palin’s Only Qualification is not Having an Abortion.

The South Carolina Democratic Chairwoman, Carol Fowler, said today that Governor Sarah Palin’s only qualification for the office of Vice President is that “she hasn’t had an abortion.” A classy move by an Obama surrogate. It’s clear that the Obama campaign is fraying at the edges. His surrogates are in full attack mode, but they […]

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McCain-Palin Democrats

Tammy Bruce weighs in on the Palin nomination. Bruce is the author of “The New American Revolution” (HarperCollins, 2005) and a Fox News political contributor. She is a former president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women. A registered Democrat her entire adult life until February, she now is registered as […]

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