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US Funded Fatah Mourns Jew-Hating Tyrant Chavez

Socialist tyrant Hugo Chavez is dead. Hell’s waited too long. Chavez was a tyrant who claimed, like all socialists, to be for the people. But of course, like all populist political thugs, he was a thief who amassed a private fortune of over 2 billion dollars. Chavez was also a classic leftist Jew-hater.

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Chavez Targets Jews of Venezuela

When the President of the United States warmly greets and embraces a Jew-hating tyrant, there are consequences. The tyrant’s cruel reign is legitimized. The tyrant’s Jew-hatred is legitimized. Those who oppose the tyrant are dealt a terrible blow. And of course, the lives of victims of totalitarian regimes—the unjustly imprisoned, the tortured, the murdered and […]

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