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Flashback: Vogue for Hillary

No surprise that the ultra leftist elitists of Vogue endorsed Hillary. But then let’s not forget that Vogue published a glowing article about the awesomely chic Asma al-Assad of Syria, which in full Orwellian overdrive, Vogue scrubbed from their website when the mass killings started soon after publication. We saved the February 25, 2011, Joan […]

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The Guardian’s Jew-Hatred: The DNA of the Left

Pat Condell on The Guardian, a liberal British newspaper that proudly trades in Jew-hatred. [youtube][/youtube] Our friend Jake Novak, senior producer at Fox Business News, informs Seraphic Secret that the Guardian’s political editor is Patrick Wintour, Anna Wintour’s brother. Anna Wintour, a prominent Obama fund-raiser, is the uber editor of Vogue, the liberal fashion magazine […]

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Joan Juliet Buck’s Blood-Soaked Sole

You will recall that on February 25, 2011, the  ultra-chic, ultra-liberal Vogue magazine, led by high-profile Obama supporter Anna Wintour, published a fawning profile of Syrian first lady Asma al-Assad by Joan Juliet Buck. So outrageous was Buck’s story that Seraphic Secret saved the article in the sure knowledge that Vogue would, sooner or later, be […]

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Asma Assad Is Bloody Fashionable

You will recall that on February 25, 2011, the ultra chic, ultra progressive Vogue magazine published a fawning profile of Syrian first lady Asma Assad and her husband Bashar al-Assad. Not too long after Joan Juliet Buck’s story appeared Syria descended into open savagery and what do you know, the story was flushed from on-line […]

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Western Education: Breeding Ground for Mass Murderers

Seraphic Secret would like to add a brief follow-up to yesterday’s post about the non-apologies of Barbara Walters, Anna Wintour and Joan Juliet Buck for their enabling of the murderous Assad regime of Syria. There is one theme that constantly appears when western progressives make excuses for their support and friendships with barbarians: “They were  […]

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Vogue Magazine: Fashionable Excuses

In March 2011, Vogue magazine ran a gushing profile of Syria’s totalitarian first couple Asma Assad and her husband Bashar al-Assad. Syria, we noted, is a military dictatorship that routinely tortures and murders its own citizens. It is also an openly Jew-hating state that has vowed on numerous occasions to annihilate Israel. For Joan Juliet […]

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Vogue Scrubs Article Praising Assad… But Seraphic Secret Has Not

On February 25, 2011 the ultra liberal, ultra chic, ultar amoral Vogue magazine published a fawning profile of Syria’s Asma al-Assad, wife of dictator Bashar al-Assad, who can only be described as a totalitarian butcher. In the past year his regime has murdered at least 11,000 of his own people. On March 2, 2011, Seraphic […]

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Vogue Magazine Features Springtime for Hitler… Seriously

Dictator chic, Bashar al-Assad is just a regular guy—when he’s not slaughtering his political opponents.Photo by James Nachtwey It would be a grave mistake to ignore fashion, relegating the business of glamour to a frivolous pursuit of the rich and idle. Fashion matters for it is one of the most visible barometers of society’s values. […]

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