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Veteran’s Day 2018: My Favorite Veteran Rabbi Chaplain Abraham Avrech, z’l

My father, Rabbi Chaplain Abraham Avrech passed away on March 15, 2014. This is the fifth Veteran’s Day without my father’s physical presence in this world. He is gone, but like all veteran’s certainly not forgotten. Take a moment to ponder the enormous sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes and their families.

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10 Must See War Movies

There is no subject as well suited for the movies as war. In war there is conflict, love, and of course lots of action. Movies, said Hitchcock, are just like life, but with the boring parts cut out. Thus, movies about war delete the incredible boredom of most war-time experiences in favor of the hyper-drama […]

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Memorial Day Weekend, 2017

On Memorial Day, we remember all the members of our armed services who paid the ultimate price in service to this great country. Our eternal gratitude.

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The Ten Greatest War Movies of All Time

Movies about war are ideally suited to the kinetic energy of motion pictures. The eternal themes of love, courage, and loyalty are given full range in the theater of war. Readers will immediately notice the absence of silent films and movies from Hollywood’s golden age. Yes, in spite of our love of classic cinema we […]

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Late WWII US Veteran is 1st Soldier Honored for Saving Jews

The bad news just keeps on coming. The Arab Muslim Middle East is a vast, borderless slaughterhouse. IslamoNazis are a global scourge that the West foolishly refuses to name. America, once the leader of the free world, is now led by a feckless fool who drones on about the weather rather than confront the IslamoNazi […]

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Veronica Lake Goes to War

Besides entertainment, movies are precious time capsules. They allow us a glimpse into the past where we can view fashions and attitudes that seem distant yet achingly familiar. When Veronica Lake (b. Constance Frances Marie Ockelman) and her peek-a-boo hair burst on the scene in I Wanted Wings, 1941—her distinctive look stole the movie—the public frenzy was […]

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