Democrats Go Full Soviet Medical

Communist regimes have aways made common cause with useful idiot intellectuals to oppress the enemies of the state.

The old Soviet Union routinely used morally pliable psychiatrists to make the case for the “insanity” of their opponents. In this way dissidents were imprisoned and, um, treated, which is to say tortured, by state psychiatrists.

Naturally, the American Democrat party—truth-in-labeling is Democrat Socialists—are using the same tactic against President Trump.

They leveled the same charge of insanity against President Reagan. Because you really have to be insane to confront the evils of Communism and then go on to win the Cold War.

The Democrats will not accept the election in which Donald Trump scored an electoral win over Hillary Clinton. Thus, they will use any means to delegitimize his presidency. They did the same thing with President Bush after the Florida recount.

Democrats only abide by elections which they win.

We are witnessing a slow motion coup d’état coup.

Make no mistake about it, the DNA of the postmodern Democrat party is fascism.

And the psychologists and psychiatrists who have publicly diagnosed Trump should lose their credentials. They are charlatans.

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    And – apropos – see Ami Horowitz’s new video:

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    It’s quite simple: When leftists run out of arguments, they point and shriek. They don’t argue facts, figures, or logic: dialectic. They argue emotion — rhetoric. It’s the sign of losers. The louder and higher pitched the shriek, the more they signal they’ve lost the argument and have nothing to fall back on.

    Having failed in their other recent efforts, they fall back on their favorite argument: “Crazy!” Don’t fight them with logic. They don’t get it. They’re immune to it. Hit them with their own methods and they fall back and shriek louder.

    The louder they shriek, the more you’ve won. Think of it as keeping score in decibels.

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