Farrakhan Endorses Hagel

The Dear Leader and his BFF.

The Dear Leader and his BFF.

Louis Farrakhan, an outspoken and proud Jew-hater, has endorsed Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense.

The Iranians, who have vowed to  liquidate the state of Israel, have also come out publicly in support of Hagel.

We can say one thing about President Obama: his hatred of Israel/Jews is remarkably consistent.

From Obama’s earliest political awakenings, he has always aligned himself with the most radical Jew-haters of the left. To name just a few: Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers,  Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said.

Obama’s war against Israel continues.

From Breitbart.com:

At the Nation of Islam Annual Saviours’ Day Convention, keynote speaker Louis Farrakhan took his usual Anti-Semitic tone with a current affairs twist. Farrakhan endorsed Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense saying Hagel’s controversial “Jewish lobby” comments were a good thing that will save America from war for Israel.

“So let me tell you, Senator Hagel’s in trouble, but America needs a man in Congress like that, who’s not a rubber stamp for others. You need a man like Senator Hagel as your Secretary of Defense. A man with a mind like that will keep you out of fighting somebody else’s wars. You need a man in government that has another opinion, that is not controlled. If the Senate does not confirm him as Defense Secretary because of his opinion on Israel, that only proves that the Senate and the U. S. Congress is controlled by the Israeli lobby and it all sentences America to war with Iran for the State of Israel.”

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  1. Johnny
    Posted February 26, 2013 at 11:51 pm | Permalink

    And yet every Jew in Congress with a D behind their name will defend Obama from now ’til eternity. 
    And the LA Times will still not release the videotape. But they will insist that their job is to speak truth to power.

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  2. Barry
    Posted February 26, 2013 at 8:13 pm | Permalink

    Sweet, They love each other.

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  3. Brianna
    Posted February 26, 2013 at 3:06 pm | Permalink
  4. Brianna
    Posted February 26, 2013 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    How awful that these groups can openly say, “We want X” along with “We want to kill you” every single day, and yet our leaders completely ignore those basic facts.  Or listen to them, I guess, depending on how cynical you are.
    I know it’s too late now, but why couldn’t we just have dropped a bunch of bombs in Tehran when they took our embassy hostage in 1979?  It was eminently justifiable under the circumstances, and it might have saved us a lot of trouble in the long run.  If nothing else, it have taught a pre-emptive lesson to those who stormed our embassies in Cairo and Benghazi last year. 

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    • Posted February 27, 2013 at 8:09 am | Permalink

      I have to agree with Brianna and ask “How do the Arab terrorists get away with it?”
      I see officially recognized Palestinian/Arab leaders saying things like “We want world peace, but it can only come about with the total destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jews” and the progressive/liberal/socialists respond with “SEE? They said they want world peace!!”
      After examining this behavior for more than 50 years (Ok, I’ve really only examined it for about 35 years) I have to come to the conclusion that it is a deeply held bias against the Jews. Israel, while not perfect, is the leading democratic influence in the region. They have contributed significantly to the cultural, medical, political and military segment of the post-WW II environment. I see divergent opinions in Israeli politics — including Arabs in elected positions.
      On the Arab/Palestinian side, I see repeated refusals to accept diplomatic resolutions to the “dispute” followed by repeated aggression through direct military force — each which has resulted in defeat by the Israelis. Now, we see the Palestinians using social and public media to portray themselves as victims. It is a good tactic and in many living rooms — where people accumulate thier knowledge of the world in 2 minutes segments of sounds bites and press releases — it takes ahold and places the burden on the Israelis.
      When will the world awaken? When someone says “we want to destroy Israel and annihilate the Jews” there should be NO DOUBT WHO REPRESENTS EVIL.
      Wake up, Sheeple!

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