Inaugural Message From Mark Levin

Mark Levin

Mark Levin

Every morning when I take my 5 a.m. walk, I clamp on my headphones and listen to a podcast of Mark Levin’s radio show. He’s the only man who properly articulates Seraphic Secret’s frustration and rage at this Obamaland to which we are subject. Obamaland, argues Levin, is well on its way to becoming a post-constitutional country ruled by crypto-Marxists  and race-hustling opportunists.

Levin does not spare his own party withering criticism. The Constitutional scholar and best-selling author has only contempt for the current Republican leadership and its apparatus. He calls for a new Conservative alignment with fresh new Republican leaders.

Mark Levin does not minimize the multiple dangers to this republic. Nor does he shrink from warning of the rise of a new American tyranny. But he does offer remedies which begin with a resolution to fight for liberty.

I don’t think Obama knows exactly what he’s going to go for in his second term,” Levin said, “as he will look for opportunities to exploit as events unfold.  That said, I am sure they’ve drawn up a partial a list, and we already know that it includes, but is not limited to, gun control; attacks on the First Amendment such as religious liberty; amnesty for illegal aliens; union expansion; institutionalizing Obamacare; institutionalizing voter corruption; de-industrialization via the EPA; destroying the capitalist-based economy via tax increases, smothering regulations, massive deficit spending, and endless borrowing; and hollowing out our military; etc.

This will effect all of us. It will do extreme damage to the nation in many respects. I think Obama sees himself as correcting historic wrongs in this country, as delivering the fruits of the labor of other people to people who he believes have historically been put upon. I think there’s a lot of perverse thinking that goes on in his mind, radical left-wing thinking.

He was indoctrinated with Marx and Alinksy propaganda.  You not only see it in his agenda but in his words — class warfare; degrading successful people unless, of course, they help finance his elections, causes, and organizations; pretending to speak for the so-called middle class when, in fact, he is destroying their jobs, savings, and future.  Obama’s war on our society is intended to be an onslaught in which the system is overwhelmed.

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  1. Johnny
    Posted January 22, 2013 at 2:58 am | Permalink

    Levin has no round corners or soft edges. Warm and fuzzy he ain’t. If he were a woman he’d wear 5 inch stilettos and run all over any politician that ignores the constitution (and goodness knows there are enough of those in both parties).  He’s a combination of Grant, Sherman and Patton of radio hosts. He makes Rush sound demure.
    His principled views and knowledge leave his targets unable to argue with him. Usually they just describe him as hateful and hope no one actually listens to what he says. Like Rush, they can’t debate him so they have to marginalize him. Fortunately his audience knows better.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

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