Iran and the Moral Cowards of the Left

This dumb tweet blaming Trump is typical of the left. There are no reformers in the Iranian government. That was a fiction cooked up by the failed fiction writer Ben Rhodes.

Former members of the Obama administration are lining up to lecture President Trump and the rest of us that the best thing to do in support of the oppressed Iranian people is… silence.

Was that their position when it came to apartheid South Africa?

Of course not.

Let’s be clear: Obama and his overbred, overeducated leftists enabled the cruel Iranian regime by lifting sanctions, granting them hegemony over vast swaths of the Middle East, handing them billions in hard cash, working overtime against Israel, and conceding the right of the Mullacrocy to become a nuclear power.

Obama argued that giving Iran billions of dollars was a way to reach the Iranian people by lifting their standard of living.

We who maintained no illusions about the nature of this vile regime argued that Iran would use the money to spread international terrorism, to kill Americans, Jews, Christians, anyone who stood in opposition to the Iranian totalitarians.

We have been completely vindicated in our evaluation of the delusional Iranian deal.

The shameful tweets and op-eds from Obama alumni are defensive in the extreme, and signal a complete collapse of basic morality.

We should not be surprised.

The left has a basic world view when it comes to evil: don’t fight it.

(The left fights so-called global warming/global freezing/climate change i.e, the weather, instead.)

The left excoriated Ronald Reagan for daring to challenge the Soviet Union. They claimed that his confrontational posture would bring about war, and, of course, armageddon.

(With the left, it’s always armageddon.)

The left was wrong. Completely wrong. The Soviet Union was defeated by Reagan’s robust policies.

Now the left is playing the same tune in regard to Iran. They insist that we must learn to live with the evil that is the Iranian regime, a Holocaust-denying mob of mass murderers who yearn to destroy Israel and America.

In fact, the Iranian tyrants should be toppled, put on trial for crimes against humanity — and then hung from the same cranes they so joyfully use to murder gays.

(As in the story of Purim.)

And the disgraceful Obama alumni should be placed, once and for all, on the intellectual ash heap of history.

Donald Trump is right to support the protestors in Iran.

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  1. Bill Brandt
    Posted January 4, 2018 at 12:54 am | Permalink

    there is an interesting article in the current WSJ about the protesters and, as you say, what is really fueling their anger is Iran’s using this Obama money for their adventures in Syria and elsewhere. Meanwhile their economy sucks.

    Don’t you think too that Obama’s people are lecturing Trump because with the change in policy they don’t want to be proven wrong?

    Imagine rolling up ISIS is less than a year when the previous administration did nothing but let it grow for 8 years.

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