Jews With and Without Guns

My brother-in-law David with his Glock.

When Karen and I were in Israel we were comforted by the presence everywhere of Jews with guns. Karen’s brother David, an accomplished lawyer, Rabbi and businessman, carries his Glock nearly everywhere.

David is a good man. Thus, he is a good man with a gun.

The reason he carries a gun—and is licensed to do so in the Jewish state—is because there are millions of bad men and women, IslamoNazis, who seek to kill every Jew in Israel, every Jew on the face of the earth.

The only defense against a bad man with a weapon—any weapon—is a good man with a weapon.

When I came back to America after the holiday of Simchat Torah, the progressive hysteria against guns was still in full bloom. The Las Vegas massacre was the ostensible reason for the hysteria. But the truth is progressives/liberals/lefties/greenies/feminists, the entire Democrat complex, is built on the idea of the perfectibility of man through the groaning machinery of the state.

Conservatives, on the other hand, believe that all attempts at utopia end up as hell on earth.

The Nazis were utopians. Get rid of the Jews and Germany would thrive. The Communists were and are utopians: kill all the capitalists, liquidate all the Jews (it’s always the Jews with utopians) and mother Russia would be her glorious self.

In a sense the American left, progressives, are also utopian. Get rid of the Second Amendment and there will be peace in America. Mass shootings will disappear. Evil will no longer exist because the state says so.


I have a close friend, a Chabad rabbi, who is also an expert with firearms. Together, we drove to the Angeles Shooting Range where my bearded friend drilled me for over an hour on gun safety and self defense techniques.

As I was shooting, it occurred to me that without the Second Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms, all the other rights we have as Americans, as endowed by our Creator, are useless.

For example: If only the government and its various agencies possess weapons than the Right to Free Speech becomes an empty promise.

We then live in Orwell’s 1984.

That’s why both Hitler and Stalin passed laws that forbade the private ownership of gun.

That’s me, a Jew with a gun, in this case a Smith & Wesson MP9 Shield.


Jews without guns.

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