Less Government, Not More

Thomas Jefferson

This video on health care, produced by the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, features Eline van den Broek, founder of the European Independent Institute. She does a nice job of explaining, in simple terms, why the United States should not copy Europe’s mistakes, and why the key to true health care reform is less government, not more.

I’m particularly fond of Ms. van den Broek’s Tuesday Weld-like wink at the conclusion of the video. Nothing like a camera-ready policy wonk.

But all kidding aside, Obamacare, as defined in the humongous 2,000 page bill that no one has read, that is written in impenetrable legalese, that is a minefield of unintended consequences, and sections of which are probably unconstitutional—the government will fine you if you do not buy health insurance—is, as The Wall Street Journal writes, The Worst Bill Ever.

H/T Powerline.

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  1. Johnny
    Posted November 4, 2009 at 5:44 am | Permalink

    Obamacare proponents always cite how Europe spends less of their GDP on health care than the U.S. with better or similar results.
    So their answer is for the government to bring millions more into the system while not increasing the supply of medical providers. Are these politicians so clueless about basic economics? Yeah, dumb question.
    Can we at least get a copy of the 2,000 page bill to heat our homes? It would be the only good result we can expect from this monstrosity.

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