Lincolna and Thanksgiving: The Origin of an American Holiday

The very first Thanksgiving happened almost 400 years ago – long before the nation was born. How did it evolve into America’s quintessential national holiday? Credit largely goes to two people – one, a name you know; the other, you’ve probably never heard – but should. Melanie Kirkpatrick, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, gives us the run-down on how a harvest party between Pilgrims and Indians became our oldest national tradition

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    I’ve never heard anyone pronounce Massasoit’s name as if it were French. I’ve heard it pronounced “Mass-a-soyt” and “Mass-a-so-it” but never before “Mass-a-swah”. That’s weird. So far as I know, he had multiple names, but none given a French pronunciation.

    I’m 10th great-grandson of William Bradford.

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