New York Daily News Engages in Blood Libel

This was the cover of the NY Daily News for Tuesday, May 15, 2018.


The IslamoNazis who call themselves Palestinians and who live in the IslamoNazi/Palestinian state of Gaza, ruled by Hamas, a terrorists gang, have been organizing violent riots on Israel’s border for the past few weeks.

The ostensible purpose of the riots is the march to return.

Return meaning to the state of Israel.

So, in case you are keeping score, the IslamoNazis of Gaza are telling the world that the so-called occupation they are forever screaming about is not about Judea and Samaria.

It’s the entire state of Israel.

But Hamas knows that they are not going to breach the border in any meaningful way. Thus, the real purpose of the riots is to get as many Arabs killed and then blame the Joooooz for the carnage.

Of course, the useful idiots in the West are cooperating. The cover of the NY Daily News is classic Jew-hatred. Ivanka is not only the hated President Trump’s daughter, but she is also Jewish, a righteous convert. Thus she is doubly fair game for the Jew-haters of the left.

What does the cover and the copy say? Well, Ivanka is beautifully dressed, smiling happily, and celebrating the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem — which has been the capital of the Jewish state for 3,000 years.

The copy shrieks that 55 people have been “slaughtered” in Gaza.

Never mind that Hamas have admitted-boasted that a vast majority of those killed were Hamas terrorists.

But Ivanka is, according to the Der Sturmer style copy, “oblivious.”

The contrast between the beautiful, rich, and happy Jewess and the word slaughtered, along with the (no doubt faux posed picture) is a classic blood libel. The Daily News is directly implicating Ivanka Trump in the deaths of 55 people.

Fact: whomever gets killed rushing the Israeli border died by self via Hamas.

Pop quiz: If a few thousand screaming barbarians attempted to invade your home, attempting, in the words of Hamas to “tear out your heart” what would you do?

You would, if sane, fight the savages. Kill them before they killed you and your family.

Israel is defending her borders against a people who have vowed to destroy the Jewish State; and, oh yes, the Hamas charter vows to: kill every Jew on the face of the earth.

Meanwhile, The New York Times, New York Daily News, Washington Post, NBC, CNN, the whole rotten class of overeducated, overbred kapos of the left—which is to say the postmodern Democrat party—are aiding and abetting the IslamoNazis in their quest to commit another Jewish genocide.

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  1. eyawitz
    Posted May 17, 2018 at 3:57 am | Permalink

    They are much worse than “useful idiots”; they are conscious partners in all of the evil they encourage.

    I don’t know why I thought the Daily News was less leftist than the Times (I’m a very proud never-New-Yorker.) I guess they’re just the dumbed-down version of the NYT.

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    • kishke
      Posted May 17, 2018 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

      Daily News is much more, and more militantly, left than the NYT. They are the tabloid version of leftists.

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  2. Yahuda101 Why
    Posted May 16, 2018 at 12:49 pm | Permalink

    Fake News Forgets about the Fogel family and tells the world Israel should let these blood THIRSTY ANIMALS cross the border! LIKE HELL!

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  3. Posted May 16, 2018 at 8:17 am | Permalink

    If, bli ayin hara, the Dems win the midterms, it will cement the notion that the Jew Haters are winning this Culture War….
    Aliyah becomes more attractive as the years go by…
    And I live in Minnesota where everyone is “Nice” (even if they do favor the Left).
    I can’t imagine living in California…
    Good luck Robert.

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    • eyawitz
      Posted May 17, 2018 at 3:52 am | Permalink

      I think the phrase you are looking for is not “bli ayin hara” but “chas v’shalom” (G-d forbid).

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      • Posted May 17, 2018 at 6:00 am | Permalink

        Yes. Hashem should protect us…
        However, using the phrase “Dems winning” definitely needs protection from the evil eye… :o!

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