Obama Was Warned About ISIS — Did Nothing — Then Lied

Former ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey, explains how the genocidal Islamic State emerged with nary a whimper of protest from the Obama administration.


Remember, Obama blamed the intelligence community for not warning him about ISIS.

Of course, Obama was lying.

And then he compounded the lie by labeling Islamic State “the jayvee.”

The Islamic Jayvee in action.

The Islamic Jayvee in action.

And this miserable excuse for an American president has the chutzpah to hurl epithets at Benjamin Netanyahu.

Okay, kids, compare and contrast: Bibi Netanyahu was a decorated soldier in the IDFs special forces. Barack Hussein Obama was   chooming.

Okay, kids, compare and contrast: Bibi Netanyahu was a dedicated warrior in the IDF. Barack Hussein Obama was choomer.

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  2. Bill Brandt
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    Don’t forget too, that when cornered he blamed his people in the CIA. He had to have had, or at least been offered, daily briefings (from satellites if nothing else) of the progress of ISIS.

    It is still amazing to me.

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