Obama’s Iranian Legacy

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addresses a joint session of Congress, Washington, D.C., March 3, 2015. He has criticized the Iranian nuclear deal, warning that it will not prevent Tehran from gaining nuclear weapons capability, which poses an existential threat to Israel.

The leftist media is determined to delegitimize President Donald Trump through a constant drumbeat of innuendo and fake news  bulletins. At some point in the future you can be sure the Democrats will move to impeach Donald Trump.

In the meantime, more than 300,000 new jobs have been added to the American economy in Trump’s first month in office. This explosion of jobs is happening because there is confidence that the Trump administration is friendly to free enterprise. Instead of expanding the number of government bureaucrats Trump is contracting government—the opposite of fascism—and letting a free market be, um, free.

Meanwhile, the IslamoNazis of Iran are, thanks to Barack Obama and the Democrat party, going nuclear.

In a seminal article for The Middle East Quarterly, Emily B. Landau provides a thorough analysis of the JCPOA that should be a central concern of everyone.

It’s a long, detailed article, but I urge you to read it because while the American media fiddles with dopey stories about Russia influencing Trump’s election, the civilized world might soon find itself faced with a genocidal yearning IslamoNazi state armed with nuclear weapons.

Having orchestrated a deeply flawed nuclear deal, Obama leaves the Middle East a far more dangerous place than it was eight years ago. Not merely because the JCPOA opens the door to the terrifying prospect of a nuclear Iran within ten to fifteen years, and perhaps even sooner, but because the administration enabled an emboldened Iran to emerge over the course of 2015-16, unchallenged by Washington. In fact, while negotiating the deal, the U.S. president was already helping to transform the Islamic Republic, with its extremist, hegemonic agenda, into the region’s preeminent power at the expense of traditional U.S. allies. For example, despite Obama’s pretense to be focused exclusively on the nuclear issue by way of securing the JCPOA, Jay Solomon of The Wall Street Journal argues that the president resisted upholding the redline he had set with regard to Assad’s use of chemical weapons due to a warning issued by Tehran: If the U.S. resorted to military force in Syria, it could scuttle the nuclear negotiations. Obama continued to shun the Syrian crisis to his final days in office so as not to upset Tehran and risk rattling the nascent nuclear deal. According to this interpretation of events, Washington left Syria to Iran (and Russia) in return for the nuclear deal, a tradeoff that the administration denies.

Sadly, the American public remained largely oblivious to these blunders as the administration’s echo chamber strategy proved extremely effective with most pundits—except a few very notable exceptions—expressing unmitigated support for the JCPOA in line with administration talking points and positions. The arms control and nonproliferation community, which should have been at the forefront of the debate, pointing out all the deal’s weaknesses and potential pitfalls, was in the main uncritically lured by the administration’s propaganda. On a broader level, Obama’s heavy-handed delegitimization of any and all criticism and his aggressive pushing of the deal in Congress have left domestic political scars, including among Democrats, that add to the president’s dismal Iranian legacy.

Obama’s only achievement lies in kicking the nuclear can down the road to future administrations. But he created a reality in which it will be far more difficult to stop Iran down that road. With its nuclear program legitimized by the JCPOA, Tehran is much better poised to forge ahead at a time of its choosing. For contrary to Obama’s emphatic statements, the JCPOA does not end Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, nor has it lived up to the president’s hope of ushering in a new era in U.S.-Iranian relations.

Read the entire article here.

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