Official Iranian Doctrine: “Kill All Jews And Annihilate Israel!”

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has outlined the religious justification on why it is acceptable to kill all Jews and annihilate Israel. But remember, this has nothing to do with Islam.

The prime lesson of Jewish history can be summed up like this: When someone says they are going to kill you, believe them.

If you ignore the threats, if you minimize the threats, if you make excuses or justify the threats you are enabling genocidiers.

The IslamoNazis of Iran have been killing Jews and Americans ever since they came to power—thanks a lot Jimmy Carter. America has never responded properly to this rogue nation’s terrorist acts. Even as Iranian Revolutionary Guards flooded Iraq with new and deadly IED’s, America has turned a blind eye. And just a few weeks ago, when an Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador on U.S. soil was uncovered, the Obama administration expressed mild dismay and then let the matter drop.

Today, Iran is propping up the murderous Assad regime in Syria with Revolutionary Guard snipers and there are credible reports of Iranian troops penetrating Syria.

It’s no wonder the Iranians, and the wider Muslim world, perceive Obama as a leaky vessel who routinely betrays Americas allies while sucking up to her enemies.

Islamist Iran is on the march. Emboldened by a nuclear umbrella, there would no limit to the mullahs imperial designs on the geopolitical map of the Middle East. Pretty soon Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and the Sunni Gulf States would feel obliged to acquire nuclear weapons. The instability in the region would register as a series of seismic shocks whose end is impossible to predict, but a nuclear holocaust is most certainly in the script.

Israel must strike Iranian nuclear facilities while Obama seeks a second term. During this period, Obama will make all sorts of noise about an Israeli strike, but ultimately all he really cares about is getting reelected and a majority of the American people sensibly favor a strike on Iran. But if Obama should win a second term—the Republicans are just stupid enough to blow the election—his implacable hostility to the Jewish State will emerge full-blown and Israel’s ability to act will be severely undermined.

A website with close ties to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has outlined why it would be acceptable to kill all Jews and annihilate Israel.

Conservative site Alef has published a doctrine detailing why the destruction of the nation and the slaughter of all its people would be legally and morally justified.

The doctrine, first reported by, warned that the chance to remove the ‘corrupting material’ of Israel must not be lost – and that it would only take nine minutes to wipe it out.

And it said it was a ‘jurisprudential justification’ for Iran’s Islamic government to then take the helm.

The article, written by Khamenei’s strategy specialist Alireza Forghani, is now being run on most state-owned conservative sites, indicating it has the regime’s support.

Full story at The Daily Mail.

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  1. Bill Brandt
    Posted February 9, 2012 at 5:40 am | Permalink

    Frank Gaffney wrote a piece on Obama’s SuperBowl Intrerview saying that if you didn’t have a reason to vote against him after hearing that you do now.
    Point is Obama said that there is “no evidence that Iran is planing on attacking us on US soil”.

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  2. Earl
    Posted February 8, 2012 at 5:58 pm | Permalink

    The presidential election will push Israel to a military strike.  I don’t believe that they want to, but will find themselves shoved into a corner.

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  3. Johnny
    Posted February 8, 2012 at 12:56 pm | Permalink

    Nuclear facilities in Iraq and Syria were bombed with little consequences. A lot of diplomats and politicians harumphed for a few days and then they all went back to their offices and smiled at what Israel did.
    Iran has dispersed their nuclear facilities but I think the dangers (political, not physical) of striking them have been built up by the media and Carter wannabe politicians. I have no idea what the actual damages Israel can inflict on Iran’s nuclear program but considering what the alternative is it seems well worth the effort. N Korea is treated like a serious country because of its perceived nuclear power.  Iran would be far worse.

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  4. GubuWorld
    Posted February 8, 2012 at 9:19 am | Permalink

    I meant to say “wipe out” above.

    Ferguson makes excellent points although he avoids the issue of possible Iranian retaliation in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

    I agree that the negative consequences of attacking out weigh those of a nuclear Iran. I have never disputed this.  

    I still think that a third option which removes the nuclear threat without war would be a spectaculor success for Israel, the US and the world economy.  


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    • Robert J. Avrech
      Posted February 8, 2012 at 9:30 am | Permalink


      I can’t speak for Fergusson but I believe that he doesn’t address Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan because Iran 1. already controls Lebanon and Israel has a pretty good fix on Hizbullah’s capabilties, 2. is already deeply involved in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

      Israel always prefers to settle issues through covert ops. Their last option is to initiate military activity. But as you know, covert actions did not suffice with Iraq or Syria and their nuclear programs. Imagine if Saddam or Assad were backed by nuclear weapons.

      History is a fine indicator of what has to be done.

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  5. GubuWorld
    Posted February 8, 2012 at 8:45 am | Permalink


    Obviously Iran cannot be permitted to obtain a nuclear capability. But the negative consequences of a strike, even a successful one are vast. This is why both the US and Israel are likely seeking a third option. The Israeli third option appears to be an attempt to wide out the relevant Iranian scientists. This is smart.

    It irritates me to hear Republicans taunt Obama for not having the metal to bomb Iran, as if having the metal was the only issue. If airstrikes could destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities it would have happened by now. Sharon, Bush or Netenyahu would have given the order. I think you should keep this in mind when you call for Israel and Americ to bomb Iran.


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    • Robert J. Avrech
      Posted February 8, 2012 at 8:59 am | Permalink


      The negative consequences of bombing Iran are nothing compared to the negative consequences of allowing Iran to cross the nuclear red line.

      Besides, I and many others, believe that the negative consequences have been exaggerated. See Niall Ferguson’s commentary here:


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    • exdemexlib
      Posted February 8, 2012 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

      It irritates me to hear Republicans taunt Obama for not having the metal to bomb Iran, as if having the metal was the only issue.

      Not exactly ‘the metal’, but rather the will.  Obama and his administration are ‘Muslim Firsters’ and will bend over backwards from doing or saying anything that might antagonize Muslims.

      The fact that a Black president can ignore enslavement and atrocities by Muslims against Christian Blacks, as well as atrocities against Christians in Muslim countries says it all.

      Obama has the ‘metal’ to angrily react against ‘housing’ in Israel, but not against any rocket fire from gaza, or anything done by Muslims that are far worse than ‘building houses’.

      If airstrikes could destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities it would have happened by now. Sharon, Bush or Netenyahu would have given the order.

      Except that Obama is holding Israel back until the last second, and only then, because the Saudi’s don’t want  a nuclear Iran, and everyone would like to have Israel to blame afterwards … 

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