Operation Pillar of Defense, Day Six: A Decisive Conclusion is Necessary

The leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, encourages a new generation of IslamoNazis. H/T Israel Matzav

“Our struggle against the Jews is extremely wide-ranging and grave… Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims.”

“With their money, they [the Jews] took control of the world media, news agencies, the press, publishing houses, broadcasting stations, and others. With their money they stirred revolutions in various parts of the world with the purpose of achieving their interests and reaping the fruit therein. They were behind the French Revolution, the Communist revolution and most of the revolutions we heard and hear about, here and there. With their money they formed secret societies, such as Freemasons, Rotary Clubs, the Lions and others in different parts of the world for the purpose of sabotaging societies and achieving Zionist interests. With their money they were able to control imperialistic countries and instigate them to colonize many countries in order to enable them to exploit their resources and spread corruption there.”

Hamas Covenant

Gilad Sharon, Ariel Sharon’s son, authors an article for the Jerusalem Post that echoes what Seraphic Secret said yesterday.

Sharon points out that Gaza has full power.

Why doesn’t Israel hit the electrical grid? Is it really wise to supply a Jew-hating, genocidal state, with the power to make war? If Israel is hesitant to invade Gaza, just smash Gaza’s grid and let the Islamists who yearn for the seventh century return to the seventh century.

I know: Israel is a moral army and doesn’t want the poor children of Gaza to suffer.

Better Israeli children should suffer, right?

Anyone who thinks Hamas is going to beg for a cease-fire, that Operation Pillar of Defense will draw to a close and quiet will reign in the South because we hit targets in the Gaza Strip, needs to think again.

With the elimination of a murderous terrorist and the destruction of Hamas’s long-range missile stockpile, the operation was off to an auspicious start, but what now? This must not be allowed to end as did Operation Cast Lead: We bomb them, they fire missiles at us, and then a cease-fire, followed by “showers” – namely sporadic missile fire and isolated incidents along the fence. Life under such a rain of death is no life at all, and we cannot allow ourselves to become resigned to it.

A strong opening isn’t enough, you also have to know how to finish – and finish decisively. If it isn’t clear whether the ball crossed the goal-line or not, the goal isn’t decisive. The ball needs to hit the net, visible to all. What does a decisive victory sound like? A Tarzan-like cry that lets the entire jungle know in no uncertain terms just who won, and just who was defeated.

To accomplish this, you need to achieve what the other side can’t bear, can’t live with, and our initial bombing campaign isn’t it.

The desire to prevent harm to innocent civilians in Gaza will ultimately lead to harming the truly innocent: the residents of southern Israel. The residents of Gaza are not innocent, they elected Hamas. The Gazans aren’t hostages; they chose this freely, and must live with the consequences.

The Gaza Strip functions as a state – it has a government and conducts foreign relations, there are schools, medical facilities, there are armed forces and all the other trappings of statehood. We have no territorial conflict with “Gaza State,” and it is not under Israeli siege – it shares a border with Egypt. Despite this, it fires on our citizens without restraint.

Why do our citizens have to live with rocket fire from Gaza while we fight with our hands tied? Why are the citizens of Gaza immune? If the Syrians were to open fire on our towns, would we not attack Damascus? If the Cubans were to fire at Miami, wouldn’t Havana suffer the consequences? That’s what’s called “deterrence” – if you shoot at me, I’ll shoot at you. There is no justification for the State of Gaza being able to shoot at our towns with impunity. We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.

There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing. Then they’d really call for a ceasefire.

Were this to happen, the images from Gaza might be unpleasant – but victory would be swift, and the lives of our soldiers and civilians spared.

If the government isn’t prepared to go all the way on this, it will mean reoccupying the entire Gaza Strip. Not a few neighborhoods in the suburbs, as with Cast Lead, but the entire Strip, like in Defensive Shield, so that rockets can no longer be fired.

There is no middle path here – either the Gazans and their infrastructure are made to pay the price, or we reoccupy the entire Gaza Strip. Otherwise there will be no decisive victory. And we’re running out of time – we must achieve victory quickly. The Netanyahu government is on a short international leash. Soon the pressure will start – and a million civilians can’t live under fire for long. This needs to end quickly – with a bang, not a whimper.

My friend Jameel of the Muqata is live-blogging the war.

Yeshiva World News is also live-blogging Pillar of Defense.

Follow the IDF on Twitter.

Here’s the IDF on You Tube.

And finally, here’s Seraphic Secret’s friend, Dennis Prager, on the Middle East.

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  1. Miranda Rose Smith
    Posted November 19, 2012 at 11:56 pm | Permalink

    Years ago, when Ehud Olmert was Prime Minister, I sent him a letter. I won’t put down what I told him to tell the U.N. to go and do, because it would get me banned from this website. I will put down that I told him that Israel’s only hope of survival was to tell the U.N. to go-do something-with a fire extinguisher.

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  2. Miranda Rose Smith
    Posted November 19, 2012 at 11:13 pm | Permalink

    Dear Robert: With all due respect, it was tacky of you to juxtapose the picture of Hitler, may his name be erased, with the little Hitler Youth boy, and the picture of Khaled Meshaal. There are enough valid similarities between the Arabs and the Nazis and all kinds of politicians pat children.

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    • kishke
      Posted November 20, 2012 at 7:45 am | Permalink

       and all kinds of politicians pat children.

      Ordinary policitians do not pat children who are members of the Hitler Youth or of the counterpart group among the Arabs, which was, of course, Robert’s point.

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  3. Johnny
    Posted November 19, 2012 at 9:29 pm | Permalink

    So far public opinion in the U.S. supports Israel defending itself.  But what will happen when troops move in and they have to engage in an urban setting with numerous civilian casualties?  The usual criticism of disproportionate response (Hiroshima and Nagasaki were disproportionate and saved a lot more Japanese and American lives than were lost in the bombings) as if war means there is a chart somewhere listing what the “correct” response should be in every situation. Already we have MSNBC telling Michael Oren that Hamas rockets  rarely do damage. Good G_d, they must try to hire the dumbest people they can find. Watching Mathews, Maddow, Sharpton et al, it is apparent they are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

    IDF forces will take casualties if they go into Gaza because Israel will try to limit civilian deaths and injuries. If those Jewish leaders were as nefarious as portrayed in Arab media they would drop a few daisy cutters on any part of Gaza that launches a rocket. It wouldn’t take long to depopulate Gaza. Of course the real culprits pushing Hamas are back in Tehran. Gee, did anyone see this coming when Carter ditched the Shah?

    Israel is on the side of the angels and anyone that thinks otherwise has a warped sense of right and wrong.  I’m wearing my IDF sweatshirt proudly and hope the usual appeasers blaming the Jooozs will see the evil of their views.

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  4. Jeremayakovka
    Posted November 19, 2012 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    “Operation Sandy”

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  5. mata hari
    Posted November 19, 2012 at 8:14 am | Permalink

    Robert – Is it really so simple?  What are the consequences if Israel takes the course you suggest?  We would all like to see this finished once and for all, but Gaza is so booby trapped, that it’s almost impossible to get to all the ammunition and bombing infrastructure, without killing many civilians.  If we take out the grid, and the world condemns us, what happens then? 

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    • Robert J. Avrech
      Posted November 19, 2012 at 8:52 am | Permalink

      Mata hari:

      Nothing is simple in warfare, but Israel’s current posture is not working. In fact, because of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, Israel’s strategic situation is far worse than when Mubarak was in power.

      Fighting not to win is immoral.

      Israel is condemned on the world stage no matter what she does. The more sensitive Israel is to criticism, the more criticism is hurled at her. 

      Israel has made herself into a wounded animal. The jackals are emboldened, sensing weakness and vulnerability.

      As I understand it, Israel’s current objectives are:

      1. To destroy the Fajr 5 Iranian long-range rockets, and other missile depots.

      2. To destroy the smuggling tunnels whereby rockets are brought into Gaza from Egypt.

      3. To degrade the Hamas infrastructure.

      None of these objectives can be achieved without a ground war. Civilians will suffer. But the responsibility lies with Hamas for embedding military installations in civilian structures.

      I believe that it’s stupid and counterproductive to truck in “humanitarian supplies” to Gaza, and supply electricity to the very people who voted overwhelmingly for Hamas. They, like German and Japanese civilians, have chosen their own fates. And unless they take responsibility for their choices, suffer for their choices, there will never be an end to their genocidal dreams.

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      • mata hari
        Posted November 19, 2012 at 9:29 am | Permalink

        I assume the Israeli govt and military are well aware of these things.  There must be something holding them back.  After all, they were willing to disregard world opinion when it came to striking back in the first place.

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        • exdemexlib
          Posted November 19, 2012 at 2:03 pm | Permalink

          They are afraid of the Hamas Invisible Missiles and Stealth Murderers.
          Surely you must have heard of them by now.
          No matter how many hundreds of missiles are fired from Gaza, or how many Jewish children and innocents are murdered by Islamic terrorists,they are all *invisible* to CNN, Reuters, AFP, The New York Times, etc. who somehow are never aware of them and never mention them.
          Imagine if parents would allow their child to be bullied and injured, and the parents would not complain, because they desperately want to be accepted by the parents, and friends of the parents of the bullies …
          Governments are like their citizens’ parents, and should behave so, or be thrown out of office and replaced with leaders who act like real parents toward their citizens.
          Then all the terrorist bullying would stop very quickly.

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        • Robert J. Avrech
          Posted November 19, 2012 at 4:34 pm | Permalink

          Mata Hari:

          Holding back the Israeli government is Barack Hussein Obama.

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  6. Posted November 19, 2012 at 7:49 am | Permalink

    Truly.  This is the question that has always puzzled me.  I understand the “realpolitik” of Israel having to deal with world opinion.  But, the world has been accusing Israel of atrocities for the last one hundred years (even before the State of Israel existed) and, when the claims are proved false, the world invents new ones…  It’s been a lose/ lose proposition all the way.
    I have to presume that the Israeli government understands this so – why don’t they simply shut down Gaza?  Because Turkey will end relations with them?  (Oh no, that happened already.)  Because Egypt will start supply Gaza with weapons?  (Oh no, that happened already.)
    Gezunt heit.  Maybe Egypt would have to take over supplying Gaza with food and water and power and all niceties of life.  That would be interesting… 

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    • Robert J. Avrech
      Posted November 19, 2012 at 8:56 am | Permalink


      Lincoln is beloved and revered. Yet it was he who authorized and celebrated Sherman’s brutal march through Georgia, whose objective was to destroy the Southern civilian infrastructure that was built on slavery. The march was bloody and horribly destructive, but in the end, it broke the back of the South and shortened the conflict.

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