End of Story, Beginning of Story

We tell each other stories in order to make sense of what appears to be a chaotic universe. For thousands of years we huddled around fires and told tales. In this way, families became tribes, tribes became states, and states grew into nations bound together by a common narrative.

In postmodern America, the radical left has dominated the national narrative. From same sex marriage to the pseudo science of climate change, the radical fringe has become the dominant voice of the elite classes who control our universities and media. Thus, Barack Obama’s radical ideology was labeled mainstream and common sense. An Orwellian destruction of language and meaning.

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

Jennifer Jones with her third husband, Norton Simon
“I met Jennifer Jones when I was twenty-six or twenty-seven I traveled everywhere with her. I spent more time with her than anyone, even Norton … It would take four hours to do her hair and makeup. And it was all for Norton: hair, makeup, beautiful dresses. The point was not to go out and show other people. Everything was for Norton.  ‘Norton deserves for me to be beautiful.’ And he was paying. I did her hair and makeup every day, an incredible cost. For the cost of a whole year, you could buy a house in the Valley.
And I did it for more than thirty years, every day, sometimes morning and night. And she didn’t take off her makeup at night. She’d leave it on until I arrived. When she went to bed, she was all made up. Do you know why? This was not for Norton, this was for herself. She said it was ‘in case I get sick at night and have to go to the hospital. Somebody’s going to take a picture of me, and I don’t want to be without makeup.’ She did this every night.”
—Tomoyuki “Yuki” Takei, West of Eden: An American Place by Jean Stein

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Hitchcock: The Purest Form of Cinema

The Lodger, Alfred Hitchcock’s third silent film, 1927, (online here)

“The silent pictures were the purest form of cinema; the only thing they lacked was the sound of people talking and the noises. But this slight imperfection did not warrant the major changes that sound brought in… In many of the films now being made, there is very little cinema: they are mostly what I call ‘photographs of people talking.’ When we tell a story in cinema, we should resort to dialogue only when it’s impossible to do otherwise.

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Traitor Bradley Manning Freed by Barack Obama

Yesterday, Barack Obama commuted Bradley Manning’s 35 year sentence for disclosing the largest cache of classified military secrets in American history. So serious and far reaching was Manning’s treason that prosecutors were contemplating the death penalty. But Manning pleaded down and death was no longer an option.

Most pundits are baffled by Obama’s commutation of Manning’s sentence.

I think it’s fairly obvious.

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The American Left Goes Bolshevik

I am delighted that so many Democrats have decided to absent themselves from President-elect Trump and Vice-President-elect Pence’s inauguration this coming Friday.

Democrats claim that Trump-Pence are illegitimate because of Russian interference in the election. But let’s not forget that these same people claimed that President George Bush was illegitimate because of, um, hanging chads.

The simple truth is Democrats believe that any elected Republican is illegitimate. Like the Bolsheviks, Democrats believe that any ideology other than their own is a false consciousness that must be purged.

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Trump Invites Jewish Leaders from Judea and Samaria To Inauguration

The American left continues to amplify their childish hysteria over Donald Trump’s election. They have finally settled on a reason the election was illegitimate: The Russians swayed the election.

If the Russians rigged the election in Trump’s favor then we have to assume they did a rather shabby job. I mean, Hillary did win the popular vote. Did the Russians rig that outcome? More to the point, did the Russians convince Hillary to set up her own server? Did the Russians make Hillary delete some 30, 000 emails? Did the Russians counsel Hillary to lie about Benghazi? Did the Russians sway the Senate and Congressional elections, the Governorships?—all a Republican majority.

The truth is Obama’s disastrous policies and Hillary’s dishonesty swayed the elections to the Republican column.

The left is outraged about Putin. But when a hot mike caught Obama assuring the Russians that after the election he (Obama) would be more flexible. That was just fine.

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

Letter from Jennifer Jones to husband David Selznick, March 1959
Hope you are well and the deal goes but most of all that you miss me a little. Betty Bogart [Lauren Bacall] came through from Klosters on her way to London with her two children in hand and she told me I was pushing my luck. That you are a very attractive guy and in her words there are plenty of dames in wait for an attractive guy. I said I was less concerned since she had left California but I realized the danger, only I had to continue this work [psychoanalysis] with Dr. Meier. Her reply was, if you can take it, exactly as follows. “F— the Doctor, go home and get yourself l— and you won’t need doctors or diets. Greatest thing in the world for the complexion.”

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Hitchcock: The Primacy of Emotion

Francois Truffaut: Are you in favour of the teaching of cinema in universities?
Alfred Hitchcock: Only on condition that they teach cinema since the era of Méliès and that the students learn how to make silent films, because there is no better form of training. Talking pictures often served merely to introduce the theatre into the studios. The danger is that young people, and even adults, all too often believe that one can become a director without knowing how to sketch a decor, or how to edit.

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Sweden: Islamic Rape Capital of Europe

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On Palestinian Statehood

Palestinian Nazis boast their two state final solution.

For the past year Bret Stephens has expended an enormous amount of time and energy bashing Donald Trump. But Stephens must know that only Donald Trump would appoint David Friedman, a Torah observant Jew and proud Zionist, as America’s new ambassador to Israel. Stephens must also understand that only Donald Trump would bring Jared Kushner, another Torah observant Jew and proud Zionist, into the White House as a senior advisor.

No matter how much Stephens abhors Trump he must realize that Trump is good for Israel—very good for Israel—and what is good for Israel is good for America because America and Israel share the exact same values.

Stephens takes time off from Donald to author an excellent article about  the dangerous delusion of a Palestinian state.

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Jews Murdered Because They Are Jews

Yesterday in Jerusalem, an IslamoNazi used a truck as weapon of terror.

Fadi al-Qunbar, drove a truck into a group of Israeli soldiers, killing Lt. Yael Yekutiel (age 20), Cadet Shir Hajaj (22), Cadet Shira Tzur (20), and Cadet Erez Orbach (20).

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

“We had been asked to stay in Los Angeles by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warner… the Warners threw us a star-scattered party. It was a bit of an orgy, none the worse for that and we enjoyed ourselves hugely. I started in a fine pink brocade Molyneux dress, but Mr. David Selznick told me that my breasts were too flattened and that people were complaining about them, and could I change? So I went back to the old Central European’s peasant dress and took a new lease of deep-bosomed life.”
—From Lady Diana Cooper’s Autobiography
Photo by Emil Otto (‘E.O.’) Hoppe, 1916

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How to End The Birds

Final scene of The Birds, 1963

Following the final attack of the birds, the Brenners escape the house—a key scene with the principals that remained to be shot. Hitchcock was still pondering the film’s ending. Should the birds keep up their attack? Why were the birds attacking? Why? The moron millions would want some answer, and he hated tidy answers.

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Deranged Lefties

The left in America will never accept President-elect Donald J. Trump. The truth is they would not accept anyone who is not a radical leftist.

That’s because the left is, at the core, intolerant, bigoted — and unbelievably ignorant. I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had with some of my Hollywood friends about basic Conservative ideology. When pressed, it becomes clear that they have no idea what we believe. They usually fall back on the moral opposition to ”reproductive rights” code for killing children in the womb, that we want poor people to become even poorer by taking away government programs, and of course the sure-fire blood libel; Republicans are racist.

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Rabbi Marvin Hier to Deliver Prayer at Trump Inauguration

Rabbi Marvin Hier

My good friend Rabbi Marvin (Moshe Chaim) Hier will offer a prayer at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. A Torah-observant Jew and a two-time Oscar winner, Rabbi Hier is the dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. Karen and I have known him for more than thirty years. He is a good man, blessed with a ferociously keen intellect and a wicked sense of humor.

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Dershowitz Vows to Leave Democrat Party If Ellison Becomes DNC Chair

Alan Dershowitz and I attended the same high school, Brooklyn Talmudical Academy. He was a few years ahead of me, and like me, was a notoriously terrible student.

I left the Democrat party in time to vote for Ronal Reagan. It became obvious to me that the Democrats were moving to radical policies that embrace an ever-expanding administrative state, where identity politics elevates victimhood, and where hatred of Israel/Jews is common currency.

Alan Dershowitz should leave the Democrat party because, through Obama’s infamous nuclear deal, they enable the IslamoNazis of Iran with billions in cash. Dershowitz should bolt the Democrats because they are seriously considering Ellison, an obvious IslamoNazi Jew-hater, as leader of their party.

Ellison is the Islamist version of the KKK.

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

“To make a real war movie would be to occasionally fire at the audience from behind the screen during a battle scene. But word-of-mouth from casualties wouldn’t help the film to sell tickets. And again, such reaching for reality is against the law. Anyone seeing the movie will survive.”
—Sam Fuller reassures moviegoers they will not go home with injuries if they go see his latest war movie.


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Michael Oren on the Obama-Kerry Betrayal of Israel

An Israeli youth wrapped in a national flag prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City on Jerusalem Day May 20, 2012. REUTERS/Darren Whiteside/Files

Never has a weary region looked on with such dismay. The Middle East is burning: hundreds of thousands killed, millions displaced. The Russians are back, the Iranians are all over the place — and the Obama administration’s priority is a few thousand Jews living in their own homeland.

In his latest op-ed, appended below, Michael Oren argues that the initiators of Friday’s UN resolution weren’t looking to advance a two-state solution. Instead, they sought to imperil and isolate Israel diplomatically and, ultimately, deny it the right to exist as a sovereign Jewish state.

When the U.N. Security Council passed its resolution Friday denouncing Israel’s presence in territories it captured in 1967, many ambassadors broke out in applause. The decision, they believed, would deter Israel from further settlement building, advance the peace process, and help achieve a two-state solution. The Middle East and the world would benefit. But, sadly, those expectations—and the ovation they sparked—were misplaced.

The resolution in fact poses untold dangers not only to Israel but to the Palestinians themselves, and greatly diminishes—rather than enhances—the chances for peace. It further harms the Middle East, a region that has seen far too much suffering, and should unnerve America’s allies worldwide.

The hazards for Israel are clear. The resolution means the Western Wall and other places sacred to Jews for 3,000 years are considered as illegally occupied. It labels 600,000 Israelis as “flagrant violators of international law.” As such, Israel could be sued in international criminal courts, boycotted, and sanctioned. The goal of the initiators of the resolution was not to achieve a better two-state solution, I believe, but to deny Israel the right to defend itself and, ultimately, the right to exist as sovereign Jewish state.

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Israel Responds to Antiochus Obama and the UN

“Israel rejects this shameful anti-Israel resolution at the UN and will not abide by its terms. At a time when the Security Council does nothing to stop the slaughter of half a million people in Syria, it disgracefully gangs up on the one true democracy in the Middle East — Israel — and calls the Western Wall ‘occupied territory.’ The Obama administration not only failed to protect Israel against this gang-up at the UN; it colluded with it behind the scenes. Israel looks forward to working with President-elect Trump and with all our friends in Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, to negate the harmful effects of this absurd resolution.”

One of the defining characteristics of Jew-haters is their imperviousness to facts. They are ahistorical, and focus pathologically on Jews as the single great civilizational problem.

The above is precisely why Seraphic Secret has maintained that Barack Obama is a classic leftist Jew-hater. He came into office making war against Israel, the Jewish state, sucking up to the IslamoNazis of Iran and embracing the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood. Even as he is about to leave office, he continues his war against the Jewish people in a devious manner that places him alongside figures in Jewish history such as Amalek, Haman, and Antiochus, who tried — and failed — to destroy the Jewish people.

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Chanukah 2016: A New Antiochus, The Same Bloody Ground


A Chanukah message from Simon the Maccabee:

“We have not taken a foreign land, nor did we take the property of others — for this is the inheritance of our fathers, which was for some time unjustly possessed by our enemies. But we, having the opportunity, returned to us the inheritance of our fathers.”

— First Book of the Maccabees, 15:33-34.

“לא ארץ נוכריה לקחנו ולא ברכוש זרים משלנו, כי אם נחלת אבותינו, אשר בידי אויבינו בעת מן העיתים בלא משפט נכבשה. ואנחנו כאשר הייתה לנו עת, הושיבונו נחלת אבותינו” (ספר מקבים א, טו’ לג-לד) Read More »

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