Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

Barbara Stanwyck and Billy Wilder on the set of Double Indemnity.
“The very best screenplay I was ever sent was `Double Indemnity.’ It’s brilliant, but what’s amazing is that not one word was changed while we were shooting. Billy had it all there, and I mean all – everything you see on the screen was in the script. The moves, the business, the atmosphere, all written. When I mention `atmosphere’ in `Double Indemnity’ – that gloomy, horrible house the Dietrichsons lived in, the slit of sunlight slicing through those heavy drapes – you could smell that death was in the air, you understood why she wanted to get out of there, away, no matter how. And for an actress, let me say that the way those sets were lit, the house, Walter’s apartment, those dark shadows, those slices of harsh light at strange angles -all that helped my performance.”
— Barbara Stanwyck

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Hidden Hollywood: Mary Nolan

Mary Nolan (1902 - 1948) b. Mary Imogene Robertson, was a Ziegfeld girl at the age of 15. Her nickname was “Bubbles.” She gained notoriety for her very public affair with Frank Tinney, a huge vaudeville star who was very married. Nolan eventually made her way to Hollywood where in 1928, she co-starred in West of Zanzibar. The film stars Lon Chaney and Lionel Barrymore, with Nolan cast as Chaney's defiled daughter Maizie. The film was a hit and Nolan's performance is spectacular.

Mary Nolan (1902 – 1948) b. Mary Imogene Robertson, was a Ziegfeld girl at the tender age of 15. Her nickname was Bubbles — which gives  some insight into young Mary’s reputation. She gained notoriety for a very public affair with Frank Tinney, a popular vaudeville star who was married. She was fired from the Follies and moved to Germany where she worked in the film industry. In 1927, she returned to America and made her way to Hollywood where she adopted the stage name Mary Nolan. In 1928 she co-starred in West of Zanzibar, directed by Tod Browning. The film stars Lon Chaney and Lionel Barrymore, with Nolan cast as Chaney’s defiled daughter Maizie. The film was a hit and Nolan’s performance is superb.

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Brigitte Bardot Decries Islamic Invasion of France

Brigitte Bardot in Babette Goes to War, 1959

Any excuse to post a picture of BB.

Via Truth Revolt

Brigitte Bardot, French actress and sex symbol the world over, can’t silence her contempt for the Islamic invasion of her home country. Six times she has been charged with speech “crimes” for “inciting hatred” against Muslims and yet that hasn’t deterred the blonde bombshell from dropping truth bombs.

In a recent interview with a French magazine, Bardot said the Muslim invasion in France is “inadmissible” as the migrants refuse to assimilate. A translation of the interview was published at

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Jihad and the Democrat Party

IslamoNazi Linda Sarsour, the Democratic Party’s flavor of the month, gained legitimacy when Barack Obama invited her to the White House for some face time with the Dear Leader.

She has been all over the place ever since, leading the so-called resistance against President Trump: accusing him of being a white supremacist and an Islamophobe, and, I assume, of having cooties.

In a sane world, Sarsour would be recognized for what she is: a sharia-yearning IslamoNazi who seeks to undermine the foundations of western civilization.

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

“It’s the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.”
—Tallulah Bankhead

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Iran, North Korea: Not Learning From History

As Syria and Iraq continue to spiral into Hobbesian tribal conflict we can all be grateful that Israel denied these two cruel states nuclear weapons.

Operation Babylon, was a surprise Israeli air strike carried out on June 7, 1981, which destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor under construction 10.5 miles southeast of Baghdad. What’s less well known is that the Iranians had tried, unsuccessfully, to put the Iraq nuclear facility out of commission a year earlier. The Iranians caused some minor damage which was quickly repaired by French technicians. Vive la France!

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Where Are the Moderate Muslims?

After every terrorist attack, politicians and pundits reassure us that the atrocity does not represent the true beliefs of the “moderate Muslim majority.” But how many moderates are there? And what exactly does “moderate” mean? Military instructor and researcher Hussein Aboubakr explains.

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July 4th Flashback: When Hollywood Loved America

Betty Grable wishes America a happy and meaningful July 4th. G-d Bless America.

A long time ago, in a universe far, far away, in a place called Hollywood, the movie studios and the actors who flourished in the dream factories, celebrated their love of America and enthusiastically indulged in overt displays of patriotism.

L.B. Mayer (b. Lazar Meir) the powerful head of MGM, was a pioneer of the motion-picture industry, and the man who invented the star system. Mayer adopted July 4th as his birthday. Scores of Hollywood historians get all snarky about Mayer’s birthday, claiming that he conveniently changed his birthday in order to cash in on a public identification with America.

What these historians fail to recognize is that Mayer probably did not know the date of his birth.

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

…the discussion of security prompted actress Ginger Rogers to tell the group and the President, “Oh, I get scared for him”, and turning to Reagan, she said “because I love you so much, and we who love you get scared for you.” “I think the press is terrible, she said. “They’ve not been very nice to our president.”
—Ginger Rogers
From a 1983 Washington Post article: “Reagan on the Press,” by Daniel Radcliffe.

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Jew-Hating Dykes

If you are Jewish and homosexual, you will be persecuted — not by your local shul, but by Jew-hating leftist homosexuals.

Once same-sex marriage became the law of the land, we wondered what cause leftist homosexuals would dredge up in order to keep their social-justice train running.

Now we know: making their ranks Judenrein.

Big surprise, huh?

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The True Diplomatic Legacy of 1967

Unfortunately, it’s common in political discussions to hear pundits and commentators say: “Israel must withdraw to the 1967 borders.” There’s only one problem with that analysis: There are no 1967 borders. The line that Israel inherited from the War of Independence is the Armistice Demarcation Line of 1949, which is different from the international boundaries that exist elsewhere in the world.

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Why Abbas Cannot Stop Funding Terrorists


The welfare witches who call themselves Palestinians have been sponging off U.S. and European taxpayers for several generations. Most of the money that they received — amounting to billions of dollars — has been used to line the pockets of various corrupt tribes.

We must remember that the Arab Muslim world is, first and foremost, a mob of warring tribes and clans. Tribal warfare is the natural Hobbesian state of the Arab Muslim world, and the Westphalian-style state that the West imposed after World War I is disintegrating before our eyes.

Meanwhile, a few donor states are waking up to the fact that their do-gooder money is not being used to feed orphans and widows, but to buy more weapons for IslamoNazi jihadists. Hence Trump’s demand that the IslamoNazis who call themselves Palestinians stop funding terrorists.

It’s a comical notion, really, since the only thing a Palestinian state stands for is the elimination of Israel — and all Jews, wherever they may be.

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

Lucille Ball in a dress by Edith Head, 1949, photo by Laszlo Willinger
“Edie knew the truth about all of us. She knew who had flat fannies and who didn’t – but she never told.”
—Lucille Ball

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Gloria Grahame: Marriage Hollywood Style

Gloria Grahame

Gloria Grahame

Before Woody and Soon-Yi there was Gloria and Anthony.

In June 1948, the day after that she divorced her first husband, actress Gloria Grahame (1923 – 1981) wed director Nicholas Ray.

The marriage was troubled right from the start and ended when Ray walked in on Grahame while she was in bed with another man.

Actually, a boy.

He was 13-year-old Anthony Ray, Nick’s son from a previous marriage.

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WATCH: Netanyahu Makes Emotional Visit to Family of Terror Victim Hadas Malka

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara pay a shiva (condolence) call to the family of Hadas Malka, the 23-year-old Border Police officer stabbed to death while standing guard in Jerusalem this past Friday evening.

Staff Sergeant Hadas Malka, who was murdered by IslamoNazis on June 16, 2017.

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Endless Love: Happy 40th Anniversary

Karen and I were married in 1977. Today is our 40th anniversary.

But the truth is I have been in love with Karen since I was nine years old. Which is to say I have been helplessly, hopelessly in love with Karen for most of my life.

I’m publishing the first chapter of my eBook How I Married Karen as a tribute to my wife without whom I am nothing.

Chapter 1

Great Expectations

Jean Simmons as Estella, “Great Expectations,” 1946.

She crosses my vision like a moon; nothing seems to touch her.

The new girl has thick black hair; dark eyes that seem to look right through you. She has just transferred from Yeshiva Ohel Moshe to Yeshiva of Flatbush. Her father is a rabbi in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

Karen Singer is her name.

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Friday Photos: True Hollywood Confessions

“I really don’t remember much about Cleopatra. There were a lot of other things going on.”
—Elizabeth Taylor

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Video: Daniel Greenfield Delivers the 2017 Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture

Fighting Anti-Semitism and Defending Israel in the Age of BDS

Why does pro-Israel activism continue to be an uphill battle despite the enormous resources dedicated to it? Are we losing the war against anti-Semitism or are we failing to fight it? In a talk that applies the lessons of biblical Jewish history to current politics and events, we will learn that fighting anti-Semitism and defending Israel doesn’t require changing our opponents, but changing how we see the world and ourselves.

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Hidden Hollywood: Colleen Moore’s Not So Romantic Wedding Night

Colleen Moore in “Flaming Youth,” 1923.

Flaming Youth was a huge hit and propelled Colleen Moore (1899 – 1988) to international stardom.

Colleen was smart about her career, carefully choosing her roles and propelling herself to stardom. However, like so many young, inexperienced Hollywood actresses, she was not wise in her choice of men. Her notions of love were gauzy images based on idealized Hollywood narratives. The importance of shared values, religious belief, and common goals, rarely entered the calculus of love and marriage.

In 1923, Moore, 22, married John Emmett McCormick, 29, a clever but highly unstable studio executive who was obsessed with Moore’s image and career.

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Daniel Greenfield Delivers a Brilliant Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture

Daniel Greenfield with his wife Elana at the Ariel Avrech Memorial Lecture.

Yesterday — on Sunday, June 11 — Daniel Greenfield drew the largest audience we have ever had for our son Ariel’s memorial lecture.

This was a special event because it drew people who had never attended any of our lectures before. Among those who attended were bloggers Bookworm Room, who flew down from deep-blue Marin County; Rob Miller of JoshuaPundit; and Mark Tapson of Truth Revolt. Karen and I were also delighted to meet Kyle Kyllan, producer of The Enemies Within.

(Update: Bookworm Room blogs beautifully, of course, about the lecture here.)

Daniel’s lecture was a sobering yet inspiring 45 minutes. Although it will be posted here at Seraphic Secret and on YouTube in about ten days, I would like to provide a summary.

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