PalArab Goal: “The End of Israel,” Plus, The Israeli-Chinese-Indian Pivot

Fatah leader Abbas Zaki speaks on Palestinian Authority television about “the great goal,” referring to the destruction of Israel. He explains that it is impossible to achieve the “goal in one stroke,” but that it would be “great “if Israel were remove[d] from existence.”

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This is a clear of example of the duplicity of PA leaders, who adhere to one position when speaking to foreign audiences, claiming to be seeking peace, but uphold a different position when speaking in Arabic, denying Israel’s right to exist, and urging the genocide of the Jewish people.

Zakki explains that this is not “a [stated] policy” and “you can’t say it to the world.”

In fact, you can say it and the world will applaud, especially those in the EU, a dying economic confederation, withering under the onslaught of socialist policies and a massive influx of hostile Muslim immigrants who live on the dole.

That’s why Israel has, basically, given up on Western Europe as an ally, and is making some very smart and aggressive moves toward strengthening economic and diplomatic ties with China.

On our recent trip to Israel I glimpsed scores of earnest Chinese groups moving around the country with their Israeli hosts and, no doubt, studying Israel’s roaring high-tech industry and the massive boom in highway construction, an Eisenhower-like move to improve Israel’s infrastructure for civilian and military use.

Western Europe is a dead continent for Jews. Europeans betrayed their Jewish citizens to the Nazis and continue to betray their Jewish citizens to the IslamoNazis.

There is no such history of Jew-hatred in China. The Chinese recognize Israel’s leading role in global technology and they are anxious to learn from Israel’s genius. Israel is anxious to trade with China and, at the same time, move China into Israel’s diplomatic corner, if only out of self-interest.

India, a hugely expanding economy, is also making economic and military deals with Israel at a frantic pace. Further indication that Israel recognizes European fecklessness and is replacing that dying continent as a trading partner and global ally.

Western European leaders have chosen IslamoNazis like Fatah and Hamas over democratic Israel, and their own backward and disloyal Muslims immigrants over their loyal and productive Jewish citizens.

In truth, Western Europeans are filled with sound and fury. But they do not matter militarily, and with their economic model collapsing, they matter even less as players on the world stage. In the next decade, Western Europe will become Eurabia, and the fires of enlightenment will dwindle to flickering, dying embers.

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  1. Robert J. Avrech
    Posted December 5, 2012 at 1:50 pm | Permalink


    Also: The IRA did not deny England’s right to exists, urge genocide of the English people, or claim London as Ireland’s capital. The comparison is stupid.

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  2. Johnny
    Posted December 4, 2012 at 9:41 am | Permalink

    This morning on Slow Joe, Tony Blair was asked what lessons from the Northern Ireland battles could be used in the ME. Blair said the first thing you have to do is to get both sides to stop the attacks and then get them to the table.

    And lo and behold, Scarborough then asked an intelligent question – how do you get Hamas to the table when their purpose for existing is the destruction of Israel?

    Blair blubbered and doesn’t answer the question.

    Western Europe has an advanced case of what is infecting the U.S. When George Bush calls Islam the religion of peace and everyone around Major Hasan turns a blind eye to his radicalism for fear of being tagged a hater it’s a small step to treating white crippled grandmas and 25 year old bearded muslims as equal threats to blow up a passenger jet.

    The next time there is rioting and violence at a perceived slight to the prophet (and you know there will be since it is a staple of controlling the masses in the ME) it would be refreshing to hear a president come out and tell the muslims to grow up and quit acting like stupid little kids. Instead they’ll quietly call Terry Jones and plead with him not further enrage the followers of the religion of peace and then spend taxpayer money producing a PSA for Pakistani tv stating that the U.S. believes the future doesn’t belong to those that slander the prophet.

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