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Muslim Brotherhood Says Interim President Is A Jew, Secretly Backed By Israel…

Tweet A few days ago, when the mobs were gathering in Tahrir Square and the talking heads were all agog about another Arab Spring, I turned to Karen and said, “How long before these—ahem—freedom fighters, start raping women?” Karen shrugged, rolled her eyes. “How long before the Egyptians blame everything on the evil Jews?” I […]

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Egypt’s New and Improved Pharaoh

Tweet Seraphic Secret is fascinated by the internal contradictions which characterize the Muslim Brotherhood’s current power grab in Egypt, and America’s sudden lack of interest in the so-called Arab Spring. It was not too long ago that Hosni Mubarak was scorned as a new Egyptian Pharaoh. He was deposed by an uneasy alliance of naive […]

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Egypt: Another Failed Islamic State

Tweet Remember when Western reporters gushed about the Facebook/Twitter revolution taking place in Egypt’s Tahrir square? These credulous journalists were anxious to convince us, and themselves, that with Mubarak’s ouster — c/o Obama’s betrayal — a new, democratic Egypt was just over the horizon, whose leaders were young, hip and empowered by the new media. […]

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Fast and Furious: Obama’s IslamoNazi Edition

Tweet Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi is the “spiritual leader” of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a “prominent Islamic scholar.” Here’s a sample of his spirituality and scholarship: As Seraphic Secret has been saying from day one of the so-called Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood will seize or get elected to power in Egypt—where the MB were just […]

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Egypt: And Now It Begins

Tweet The mainstream media invented a feel-good narrative called The Arab Spring. In this soft-focus tale, a multitude of young, freedom-loving tweeters, fed up with the fossilized Arab regimes, were bravely ushering in Jeffersonian democracy. Seraphic Secret, along with other bloggers and writers who actually understand the Middle East, warned that the aspiring Arab Muslim […]

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Egypt: One Nation for a New Holocaust

Tweet The Arab Spring in all its glory. From MEMRI, video of a huge banner at an Egyptian soccer game that reads, “One Nation for a New Holocaust.” Will the New York Times report this yearning for genocide upon the Jewish people? Of course not. They are too deeply invested in a false narrative that posits […]

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It’s Springtime For IslamoNazis

Tweet Class Assignment: make believe that it’s a rabbi making the notorious blood libel against Muslims. The uproar would be instantaneous and global. There would be riots. The pages of the NY Times would be overflowing with righteous indignation. But a blood libel against Jews is, y’know, a big yawn. (MEMRI) — Following are excerpts […]

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Libya’s Dogs of War

Tweet The provisional Libyan government has refused to deport Abdel-Baset al-Megrahi, the man convicted of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. There were 270 fatalities, most of them Americans. Scotland released Megrahi on faux compassionate grounds that he only had two months to live. Unfortunately, Seraphic Secret has seen cancer and […]

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