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PalArab Goal: “The End of Israel,” Plus, The Israeli-Chinese-Indian Pivot

Tweet Fatah leader Abbas Zaki speaks on Palestinian Authority television about “the great goal,” referring to the destruction of Israel. He explains that it is impossible to achieve the “goal in one stroke,” but that it would be “great “if Israel were remove[d] from existence.” This is a clear of example of the duplicity of […]

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Hamas and Fatah Agree: Kill All the Jews

Tweet Ever since Seraphic Secret was founded in May 2004, we have patiently explained the not-so-secret facts regarding the Middle East: 1. The Muslim-Israeli conflict has nothing to do with national boundaries. 2. Muslims consider the entire state of Israel an “occupied settlement.” 3. The only differences between Hamas and Fatah are tactical. Hamas want […]

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Pal Arab Children “Created To Be Fertilizer”

Tweet Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland famously cried out: “Hey kids let’s put on a show!” Well, the Pal Arabs do the exact same thing. Except not so much. A few days ago we posted a video of American-supported Palestinian TV celebrating the slaughter of five members of the Fogel family. Of course, this medieval […]

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