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Books On My Night Table

It’s no secret that the various Israeli secret services are quite effective. Ronen Bergman’s doorstopper of a book, Rise and Kill First: The Inside Story and Secret Operations of Israel’s Assassination Program, concentrates, obviously, on the enemies of the Jewish State who are chosen for assassination. Bergman chronicles the awkward birth pangs of the intelligence […]

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Brigitte Bardot Decries Islamic Invasion of France

Any excuse to post a picture of BB. Via Truth Revolt Brigitte Bardot, French actress and sex symbol the world over, can’t silence her contempt for the Islamic invasion of her home country. Six times she has been charged with speech “crimes” for “inciting hatred” against Muslims and yet that hasn’t deterred the blonde bombshell […]

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The Third Jihad – Religious Persecution

I think we’re making a huge mistake when we focus exclusively on Muslim terrorists entering America. A more serious threat to our way of life are Muslim supremacists; immigrants who do not advocate violence but who wish to live under sharia wherever they settle.

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A Poignant Evening With Jews Fleeing France

Last Shabbat, my wife Karen was out of town. Close friends, unwilling to let yours truly endure a Shabbat dinner alone, invited me for the Friday night meal. Also present was a family from Los Angeles: a physician, his mother and his two daughters. The physician, Dr. M., was born on the Tunisian island of […]

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Syrian Civil War Caused by Zionism And Napoleon

What’s a day, or an hour, in the Muslim world without a Jew-hating conspiracy theory to stoke the masses? The latest lunacy: Syrians slaughter Syrians, says Adnan Azzam, a French-Syrian writer, not because they are a bunch of fratricidal clans and tribes with competing visions of Islam, but because Jews and, er, Napoleon are in […]

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Terror in Toulouse: Not Casting Against Type

  When this story first broke yesterday I assumed the killer was Muslim. I know, this marks me as a bigot. More enlightened citizens figured the killer as Mormon or Catholic. The really enlightened—American liberals—tagged the murderer as a member of the Tea Party. An Israeli Zaka volunteer stands next to the bodies of Monday’s […]

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CNN Video on the Murder of Four Jews in France


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Four Gunned Down at Jewish School in France

Baruch Dayan Emet. Four people were shot and killed at a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse Monday morning. A rabbi and his two young children were among the dead, as well as an 8-year-old girl. Several more people were injured. Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, 30, was on his way to drop off his […]

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Obama and Sarkozy’s Warm and Fuzzy Male Bonding Moment

At the G20 meeting where for the zillionth time world leaders vowed to solve their economic melt downs, Barack Obama and Nicholas Sarkozy were caught in an unscripted moment trashing mass murderer Bashar el Assad of Syria. Just kidding. Actually, both world leaders reverted to form and found common ground in their hatred of the […]

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