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Walt Disney: American Dreamer

 Walt Disney was the twentieth century’s prime example of American ingenuity. How did he do it? In this video, Glenn Beck, best-selling author and host of The Glenn Beck Program, explains how Disney became a household name, and how he proved that in America, the only limit to your ambition is your own imagination.

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Glenn Beck Interviews Itamar Marcus on Official Palestinian Deception

Not too long ago, the editor of the Los Angeles Jewish Journal labeled Glenn Beck an anti-Semite. This is a blood libel in reverse, a Jew accusing a Christian. The irony is that Glenn Beck has done more for Israel, the Jewish State, than the relentlessly anti-Israel editor in the entirety of his not so glorious […]

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Restoring Courage

Several months ago, the local Jewish weekly here in Los Angeles published an editorial listing those whom they considered anti-Semites. At the top of the list was Glenn Beck. Bewildered, Karen and I just gazed at eachother, but at the same time we understood that the creature who authored this editorial is a secular Jew […]

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