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Another “Mysterious” Iranian Nuclear Explosion

Tweet Have you noticed all the mysterious explosions that happen with increasing frequency to the Iranian nuclear program? There’s also the oh-so-mysterious deaths of various scientists and military figures who are vital to the Iranian push towards a nuclear red line. Just bad luck, I guess. Or: Maybe the Iranians are a bunch of incompetents. […]

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Obama’s Smart Power: Return Drone… Please

Tweet A top secret American RQ-170 Sentinel Drone either malfunctioned or was shot down over Iranian air space a few days ago. At first the Obama administration denied the Iranian claim. Then the Iranians publicly displayed the drone on state television. The drone should have self-destructed when it went down in order to protect its […]

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Israel Refuses Obama’s Demand to Withhold Attack on Iran

Tweet This should not come as a surprise, but according to Haaretz, Leon Panetta pressed Netanyahu and Barak on Israel’s intentions towards the Iranian nuclear program. Netanyahu and Barak clarified nothing, which in itself is a clarification. Even Barak, a cookie-cutter Israeli leftist—which means that he’s not completely suicidal—has no interest in “coordinating” with an […]

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