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Ofra Haza: Israel’s Greatest and Most Tragic Star

 By Jake Novak Scene 1: Munich, Germany July 1983 Music has always been an integral part of the State of Israel. It seems like every year, every war, and every major event in the tiny nation’s history has produced its own special song. That’s one reason why the annual Eurovision song contest has meant so […]

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This Latest Trump-Russia Leak Smells Like a Political Coup

Yesterday, Seraphic Secret wrote that President Trump is the target of of liberal blood libels. For the obtuse, this is a metaphor. The Blood Libel was born as a medieval Christian charge that Jews killed Christian children in order to extract their blood for the baking of Passover Matzo. This grotesque narrative was used to […]

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Hollywood: Starving for Fatherhood

by Jake Novak Have you noticed that America is starving? No, not for food. What more and more Americans are starving for is fathers. Here are some shocking statistics: -Only 46% of American children now live in a “traditional” household with a mother and father. -34% of American children today are living with an unmarried […]

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Revenge of the Hollywood Millennials

My friend Jake Novak writes exclusively for Seraphic Secret about an emerging trend in Hollywood: storylines that feature the crushing disappointment Millennials feel in their permissive Baby Boomer parents.  We all know the conventional wisdom about Hollywood and morality. The TV and movie business is filled with libertines and anti-family radicals who want to destroy […]

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Book Review: The Scandal of Money by George Gilder

Seraphic Secret invited our good friend Jake Novak to review George Gilder’s important new book. Imagine you’re a carpenter who naturally relies on a good hammer to get your work done. But after years of reliable service, that hammer starts to act strangely. Sometimes it pushes the nail into the wood, and sometimes it doesn’t. […]

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The American Sniper Effect: What it Says About the 2016 Election

Has Hollywood just handed the Republicans a huge favor for 2016? My good friend Jake Novak, Supervising Producer for CNBCs “Street Signs”, writes about the wildly successful movie “American Sniper” and quotes yours truly.

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Israel Makes a Free-Market Move

Over the years, Seraphic Secret has made many friends through cyberspace. One of the earliest readers and commenters at this blog was Jake Novak, an intellectually curious and honest liberal. Convinced over time by our Conservative arguments, he has evolved into a passionate and articulate spokesman for Conservative values. Now an executive producer of the […]

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Seraphic Secret Appears on Varney & Co

A few minutes after I returned from my morning walk, Jake Novak, Executive Producer of Fox’s ratings powerhouse, Varney & Company, called from New York. “Robert, listen — sorry to call so early, but Stuart read your blog post about 2016: Obama’s America, and he’d like to interview you about your experience.” “When?” “Ten  minutes.”

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The Guardian’s Jew-Hatred: The DNA of the Left

Pat Condell on The Guardian, a liberal British newspaper that proudly trades in Jew-hatred. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOgV6Fvc8wc[/youtube] Our friend Jake Novak, senior producer at Fox Business News, informs Seraphic Secret that the Guardian’s political editor is Patrick Wintour, Anna Wintour’s brother. Anna Wintour, a prominent Obama fund-raiser, is the uber editor of Vogue, the liberal fashion magazine […]

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