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Chanukah 2018: Same Enemies, Same Conflicts

Today is the first day of Chanukah. And here is a timeless message from Simon the Maccabee: “We have not taken a foreign land, nor did we take the property of others — for this is the inheritance of our fathers, which was for some time unjustly possessed by our enemies. But we, having the opportunity, […]

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Bibi Defeats Barack

The Israeli election of 2015 is a crushing defeat for Barack Obama and the appeasers of the left. Despite the dozens of Obama’s Democrat operatives who flooded Israel in the past few months, despite the unprecedented vilification Benjamin Netanyahu has suffered at the hands of the mainstream American and Israeli media (save for Sheldon Adelson’s […]

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Purim: The Non-Progressive Jewish Holiday

Today is the holiday of Purim. And it is no accident that Benjamin Netanyahu referenced this Jewish holiday when delivering his powerful and historic address to the U.S. Senate the other day. It’s an old ( 5th century B.C.E.) but agnonizingly familiar story: A Jew-hater named Haman hatches a plan to annihilate the Jewish people […]

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Napoleon, the Jews, and Tisha B’Av

Five misfortunes befell our fathers … on the ninth of Av. …On the ninth of Av it was decreed that our fathers should not enter the [Promised] Land, the Temple was destroyed the first and second time, Bethar was captured and the city [Jerusalem] was ploughed up. — Mishnah Ta’anit 4:6 Today is Tisha B’Av, the Fast of […]

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Purim: A Non Progressive Jewish Holiday

Today the Jewish people celebrate the holiday of Purim. It’s an old and familiar story: An intolerant Jew-hater named Haman hatches a plan to annihilate the Jewish people in the ancient kingdom of Persia. That Genocide Thing. Again. Most of the Jews in this multicultural Persian kingdom have been enlightened to the point where they […]

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In the Footsteps of King David

King David is the most fully documented character in the Torah. His narrative is epic, filled with the kind of detail—heroic and unsavory—that makes David such a compelling character. We identify with his yearning for a relationship with G-d, his courage in battle, we see aspects of ourselves in his tragic weakness as a man, […]

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