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Friday Photos: Just Because the World is Still Burning…

Tweet It’s been another terrible, horrible very bad week with the release of a Democrat, ahem, study, that seeks to persecute President George W. Bush and the CIA for their efforts to protect America against genocidal IslamoNazis. The Democrat Senate report is a lynching, just as the Ferguson riots are lynch mobs, and just as […]

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Outgunning Gun Violence With The Goodness of Guns

Tweet The destructive and immoral policies of the radical left are enforced on American culture through a systematic abuse of language. George Orwell understood that those who control language control culture. In his brilliant novel about the nightmare of modern totalitarian regimes, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Newspeak is the language of Big Brother and its vast propaganda […]

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Friday Photos: Montage

Tweet Last night’s Vice-Presidential debate was most notable for the optics delivered to the public. No matter what the candidates said, their style conveyed a powerful message. Joe Biden, a bombastic wind-bag, smirked, snarled, rolled his eyes, laughed, and displayed contempt for Congressman Ryan. In contrast, young Paul Ryan was dignified, earnest, polite, respectful and […]

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Friday Footwear: Into Thin Air

Tweet Several days ago Seraphic Secret received this email from a loyal but unhappy reader: Dear Robert: It’s been ages since you posted a Friday Footwear blog. I get it. You like to write about Israel. Awesome. I’m a Christian Zionist who loves the Jewish people. You like to cut Obama down to size. Double […]

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Friday Fotos: iPhone & I

Tweet My morning goes something like this: 1. Up at about 5:30, maybe 6:00 a.m. 2. Shacharit, morning prayers. 3. Breakfast: fresh fruit sprinkled with non-fat plain yogurt while reading the Wall Street Journal. 4. Write Seraphic Secret blog. Hope I don’t make an idiot of myself with the day’s post. 5. Work on latest […]

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Obama and the Bad Father: A Psychological Profile

Tweet In the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Fouad Ajami published a devastating analysis of Obama’s foreign policy. Ajami focuses on Obama’s reflexive radical leftist ideology that posits a phantom American colonialism and neo-colonialism as the original sins for which we must atone. In his encounters with the foreign world, Mr. Obama gave voice to a […]

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Friday Footwear

Tweet “I wonder what shoes she’ll be wearing,” Karen says. Karen and I are on our way to a late afternoon barbecue given by friends here in LA, a couple we have known since we moved to California over 20 years ago. Like us, they are from New York, orthodox Jews from humble circumstances who […]

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Stupid American Jews Getting Not-so-Stupid, or: How American Jews Learned to Start Worrying About Obama

Tweet We know: it’s crazy paranoid to assume that a man who was mentored for over 20-years by a rabid Jew-hater just might have a few, um, issues, with Jews and Israel. But hey, Seraphic Secret did not go to an Ivy League college, nor did we attend graduate school where common sense is, North […]

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Karen Speaks to Speaker Boehner

Tweet America is on the edge of an economic precipice. Obama’s stimulus is an utter and complete failure. The latest unemployment figures are not just bad, they are disastrous, truly alarming. Obama, like a petulant child, still blames George Bush. This is not just unseemly and immature, but a grotesque distortion of reality. Either Obama […]

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Bag of Tricks

Tweet In Rear Window, 1954, Grace Kelly’s elegant Mark Cross bag emerges as something of a major character, a twin symbol of desire—Kelly cooly snaps opens the bag, unfurling a fetching neglige—and the domesticity Jimmy Stewart finds so intimidating. Women’s handbags are more than repositories of oh-so-necessary possessions but a reflection of a woman’s priorities […]

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Friday Fotos

Tweet Readers of Seraphic Secret know that yours truly likes to take long walks around my Los Angeles neighborhood and take pictures of stuff. Shlepping my Canon SLR is a pain in the neck—literally.  Thus, for the past few years, I’ve been carrying the fine and compact Canon PowerShot . But recently, I switched the […]

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Endless Love: Happy 34th Anniversary

Tweet Karen and I enter Yichud, June 19, 1977. Tweet Today is our 34th wedding anniversary. I have been in love with Karen since we were nine year-old children attending Yeshiva Flatbush elementary school in Brooklyn. This is an excerpt from How I Married Karen and details the moments right after the Chuppah. Alone Together […]

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