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Another Obamacare Failure: $1.23 Billion Taxpayer Funds Sunk in Failed Co-Ops

With so much going on in the world—all of it bad if not catastrophic—we tend to forget that Barack Obama and the Democrat party are responsible for destroying the world’s greatest health care system. Which is not to say that it was perfect. Nothing is. But one simple improvement would allow citizens to purchase health […]

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Prager U: Does Free Speech Offend You?

Trigger warning: You are about to view the truth about liberal fascism. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vVohGWhMWs[/youtube]   Should offensive speech be banned? Where should we, as a society, draw the line where permitted speech is on one side, and forbidden speech is on the other? Should we even have that line? And should free speech be limited by […]

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Friday Photos: ObamaNet Edition

Few noticed that a significant  erosion of liberty took place this week in a room in Washington where three Democrat party commissars voted to classify the internet as a public utility. This means that over the next few years, slowly, almost imperceptibly, the federal government will levy increasingly heavy taxes on the internet. In ways […]

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Loose Cigarettes, Taxes, Death — Welcome to Liberal Utopia

Who smokes? Mostly, the poor. Of course there are a handful of hipsters who sport clownish pork pie hats, and defiantly puff away, viewing themselves as postmodern James Deans. But really, it’s the poor and blue collar who  indulge in the liberal sin of tobacco. Meanwhile, their liberal betters proudly sweat in gleaming gyms, or […]

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Obama Says ObamaCare is a Raging Success, So It Must Be True… Or Something

America has a problem. The problem is that the President of the United States is a pathological liar who presides over a gangster government. His “mission accomplished” speech yesterday left yours truly, speechless. Seraphic Secret’s close friend, Kishke, left this comment on yesterday’s post:

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Democrats — Burning Down America

  Conservatives believe that Democrats are delusional utopians. Democrats believe that conservatives are evil. My wife, Karen, and I were raised as lever-pulling New York Democrats. Why were we Democrats for so many years? Well, because our parents were Democrats. Why were our parents Democrats? Because, they told us, Democrats were for the little guy […]

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Obama’s War Against One Percent and Jews

Jews are hated because we are: capitalists, communists, anarchists, Christ-killers, rootless cosmopolitans, land-grabbing imperialists… whatever fits the moment. In truth, Jews are hated because we brought monotheism to the world and insisted, through the Written and Oral Torah, that human beings are agents of morality who are free to choose between good and evil. This […]

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Obama’s Perversion of Religious Liberty and Persecution of Religious People

Freedom of religion. We take it for granted. This past Friday evening, Karen lit candles, ushering in Shabbat.. Openly wearing my kippah,, I walked to shul and prayed with scores of friends and neighbors. After prayers, Karen and I sat down to a joyous dinner where we sang Shabbat songs and expressed gratitude to G-d for […]

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Hey Kids, Instead of Obama’s Long-Winded Speech… Meet John Doe

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTj8hd2kbRc[/youtube]   Tonight, Obama will be delivering another, no doubt, long-winded hymn to self and the Democrat-Socialist Party of America. For the countless failures and scandals of his administration, Obama will, of course, blame George Bush, Republicans, Trotsky, saboteurs, Jewish settlers, Fox News, the Tea Party, and, sigh, racism. Seraphic Secret is not even going […]

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All Animals Are Equal, Unless They Are Democrat Animals

In George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” the pigs exert total control over the farm by passing one simple law: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Orwell’s novel was a devastating critique of Communism. But the Democrat party, with its totalitarian impulses no longer disguised or in check, are the new […]

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New York Business Survey Of Members, Not A Single One Says ObamaCare Lowers Costs

Here in California, Governor Brown has signed approximately 800 new  laws and regulations. We cannot buy the light bulbs of our choice. We cannot purchase toilets that flush properly. We must install a conservation filter in showers which turn a powerful spray into a pathetic dribble. Now, when I go to my local grocery store, […]

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ObamaCare’s Latest Surprise: Amputating Medicare

If Barack Obama were the CEO of a private corporation he would be: Fired for incompetence bordering on idiocy. Indicted by the SEC for fraud. Sent to jail for a very long time. Sued successfully by his investors for billions of dollars. However, because he’s a crooked politician, he is immune to all rational consequences. […]

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Person Of The Year: George Orwell

Seraphic Secret was asked to participate in the Watcher’s Forum. Every week on Monday morning , invited guests weigh in with their opinions on a major issue of the day, the culture, or topics of daily life. This week’s question: Whom Would You Name For Person Of The Year? Seraphic Secret’s Person of the Year […]

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ObamaCide: Blind in Left Eye, Five Strokes, Hole in Heart, Loses Insurance

Jim Hoft’s blog, Gateway Pundit, has been a daily read for Seraphic Secret for as long as we can remember. He is quite ill, and because of ObamaCare he has just lost his excellent health insurance. Keep in mind that the original rationale for ObamaCare was to provide health insurance to the uninsured. Of course, […]

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ObamaCare: Average Deductible for Bronze Plan is Over $5,000 a Year

The problem with ObamaCare is not the website. But of course, the very fact the Democrats cannot build a functioning website in three years—the time it took to win WWII—at a cost of over a billion taxpayer dollars, should indicate that turning over one-sixth of the American economy to the very same Democrats might not […]

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ObamaCare: The War Against the American People

We keep hearing that ObamaCare will collapse. Some pundits suggest that because the law is so flawed, such an unworkable Leviathan, it will implode through its own imperfections. We the people don’t have to do anything but sit on the sidelines and watch. Seriously?

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Thanksgiving, Chanukah 2013

The problem with liberty is, once achieved it becomes like oxygen — something taken for granted. Said John Adams, “There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” For the first time, and never again, the first day of Chanukah will be celebrated on Thanksgiving. This is a moment in time we should […]

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Lori Gottlieb, a lock-step liberal writer for the New York Times, has just been mugged by Obamacare. And by those whom she thought were her friends. Ms. Gottlieb had the chutzpah to complain about her ObamaCare-KafkaCare experience in the New York Times, and she is shocked, just shocked, that the outpouring of sympathy she expected, […]

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The Democrat-ObamaCare Purges

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.” So said Stalin about his genocidal purges. Obama and the Democrats are whipping up an omelette. We the American people — and the free enterprise system — are the broken eggs, the broken lives. At the moment, there are several million broken lives as the unreasonable […]

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Obamacare is Racist

According to the race hustlers of the Democrat party, voter ID laws are racist because, according to this site: thousands of young to middle-aged people who are earning low to moderate incomes who never obtained a copy of their birth certificates because no one ever asked for it before, and even if they were asked, […]

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