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Left Wing Mob Hurl Feces at Kosher Cafe in LA

The Democrat party are not just Socialists. They are Stalinists, a political  lynch mob who seek to destroy anyone who does not agree with their radical ideology. Consider this: Asher Shalom, a successful Los Angeles businessman, opens a kosher restaurant in Boyle Heights—an economically depressed neighborhood—and a leftist mob pelts his business with feces because […]

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Friday Photos: Robert & Karen Abroad

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Brief Encounter LA Style and Operation Protective Edge

Yesterday, Karen and I made a trip to a local mall. On our way to the Apple store we passed a skin-care salon. Standing in the doorway was an elegant young man who handed a free sample to Karen. We said thank you, and the young man, an Israeli who spotted my yarmulke, said, “Shalom.” […]

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Friday Photos: Blue

Wandering around my beautiful neighborhood recently, I’ve noticed lots of blue. Always on the lookout for compelling Friday Photos, I decided that blue would be a fun theme. And then, once I made that decision, all I saw was blue: blue cars, blue buildings — you name it, it’s blue. I suppose the same thing […]

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Friday Photos

Hypothetical question: Your house is on fire. Everyone is safe. You can run in and rescue one item. What will it be? The answer, overwhelmingly, is family photos. We are the sum of our memories. Photos help us capture time and space, preserve moments that otherwise would be lost. I seek the ordinary, the flat […]

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Friday Photos: Whatever

No overiding theme today. Just random photos of whatever struck my fancy at any given moment.

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This Land of Film Noir

Every morning I rise at about five AM, don my sweats, hook up my iPhone’s music function and take a brisk three-mile walk. The streets of Los Angeles at this time of the morning are wet, slick from all the lawn sprinklers that explode with a fearsome hiss in the middle of the night. There […]

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I, The Jury

Seraphic Secret has delayed and delayed for years. But the Superior Court of Los Angeles has run out of patience with yours truly and stated in no uncertain terms that unless I answer the latest Summons for Jury Service I will be subject to a fine, incarceration—that’s legalese for prison—or both. Message received. I have […]

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Hollywood is Burning, or: Jew Without Gun

In light of yesterday’s post about Jews and guns and the vigorous, articulate comments from our readers I am republishing my three-part series about the LA Riots of 1992 in which Karen and I and the children were caught. We were unarmed. The police were, um, absent, and the bad guys owned the streets. It […]

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Friday Fotos: iPhone & I

My morning goes something like this: 1. Up at about 5:30, maybe 6:00 a.m. 2. Shacharit, morning prayers. 3. Breakfast: fresh fruit sprinkled with non-fat plain yogurt while reading the Wall Street Journal. 4. Write Seraphic Secret blog. Hope I don’t make an idiot of myself with the day’s post. 5. Work on latest screenplay. […]

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Friday Footwear

“I wonder what shoes she’ll be wearing,” Karen says. Karen and I are on our way to a late afternoon barbecue given by friends here in LA, a couple we have known since we moved to California over 20 years ago. Like us, they are from New York, orthodox Jews from humble circumstances who have […]

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Friday Fotos

Readers of Seraphic Secret know that yours truly likes to take long walks around my Los Angeles neighborhood and take pictures of stuff. Shlepping my Canon SLR is a pain in the neck—literally.  Thus, for the past few years, I’ve been carrying the fine and compact Canon PowerShot . But recently, I switched the compact […]

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