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Silent Star Esther Ralston: Why Do All My Husbands Want to Kill Me? Part I

They called her, the American Venus. She lived in a Hollywood mansion with a staff of servants. Her chauffeur drove a limited edition limousine. But she ended her days in a trailer park in Ventura, California.

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Hollywood: Cheek to Cheek

During Hollywood’s Golden Age, studio photographers—usually anonymous—shot millions of photos of stars, starlets, and contract players. The photos were sent out to movie magazines, theaters, distributors, and movie fans who wrote to their favorite stars requesting autographed photos. Several genres of photos became the bread and butter of the overworked and immensely gifted photographers. The […]

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Cary Grant, The Amazing Adventure, 1936

Does the dismal state of the economy got you down? Are you sick of the wretched OWS mob? Fed up with, well, everything? We know how you feel. Time for a break. Time to let the old brain cells recharge with, what else, a movie. Here’s The Amazing Adventure, an obscure Cary Grant film produced […]

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