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Election Deniers

The totalitarian impulse which is foundational for leftist ideology is on full display as the Democrats continue to deny the legitimacy of President-elect Donald J. Trump election. The Democrat party and their media lapdogs convinced, well, everyone that the Clinton-Trump race was no race at all. Hillary would win and the Deplorables would sink back […]

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Dog Bites Seraphic Secret: A Medical Tale With a Pre-Obamacare Ending

At the very last moment, I saw the dog bare its fangs, lunge and snap at my ankle. My reflexes kicked in and without thinking I jumped out of the way. The dog was unable to sink its teeth deep into my flesh, but I felt a sharp burning pain as I limped away. “I’m […]

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Before Obamacare: A Personal View

Dismayed and saddened by the SCOTUS decision, Karen and I understood that our reaction was born of years of immersion in the health care system when our son Ariel was stricken with cancer. My Writer’s Guild insurance provided excellent coverage, but still there were battles with the insurance company. At one point we even hired […]

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