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Obama and the Rise of the Islamic Reich

Tweet Barack Obama was handed a soft ball “60 Minutes” segment by Praetorian journalist Steve Kroft. In this, ahem, interview, Obama blamed the CIA for failing to note the rise of the IslamoNazi State in large swaths of lands formerly known as Iraq and Syria. Of course, Obama was lying. The rise of the Islamic […]

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Debate #3: The Statesman and the Community Agitator

Tweet Well, clearly Mitt Romney reads Seraphic Secret. Yesterday we asserted that two foreign policy issues should dominate the final Romney-Obama debate: 1) The greatest threat to America’s national security is our failing economy. 2) A nuclear Iran. Thus, Romney relentlessly hammered away at Obama’s failed economic policies, linking this with weakness overseas. Regarding Iran, […]

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Why Israel Doesn’t Trust Obama

Tweet The left insists that Obama is Israel’s best friend. This is much like the abusive husband who claims that he really loves his wife even as he beats her to a bloody pulp. Keep in mind that the left also tells us that Barack Hussein Obama is an economic genius. Those twenty-five million people […]

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Obama on Israel: “I, I, I, and Furthermore I…”

Tweet In this morning’s Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens analyzes President Obama’s deeply cynical speech to AIPAC. In addition, Stephens points out that before becoming president, Obama’s mentors on Israel were radical Jewish leftists whose views of Israel are closely aligned with Islamic Jihad. Like George Orwell, Seraphic Secret believes that language matters. Obama’s speech […]

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“I’m Not Bluffing…” Seriously

Tweet “I think that the Israeli government recognizes that, as president of the United States, I don’t bluff….” —Barack Obama When I read this quote from Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with president Obama I laughed out loud. For about five minutes. First of all, let’s recognize that Goldberg was hand picked by the White House because […]

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Israel Won’t Warn US of a Strike on Iran

Tweet The other day I spoke with one of the most important and politically influential Rabbis on the international scene. I asked him if he was going to the AIPAC conference in Washington D.C., March 4-6. “Sure, I have to,” he said. “And when President Obama appears are you going to give him a standing […]

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Memo to Obama: Weakness Invites Aggression

Tweet Former UN Ambassador John Bolton on Obama, Israel and Iran. I was a scrawny, dreamy kid. Schoolyard bullies sensed my weakness and beat the crap out of me on a pretty regular basis. My Yeshiva of Flatbush teachers were less than useless. “I don’t care who started the fight,” they said, “you’re both guilty.” […]

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The Obama Doctrine: Containing Israel

Tweet This morning, I was going to write about the unfortunate if not dangerous comments made by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey regarding Israel and Iran’s nuclear program. General Dempsey, it should be noted, has been drafted as a spokesman for Obama’s reelection campiagn.  His remarks are stunning in their strategic […]

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Official Iranian Doctrine: “Kill All Jews And Annihilate Israel!”

Tweet The prime lesson of Jewish history can be summed up like this: When someone says they are going to kill you, believe them. If you ignore the threats, if you minimize the threats, if you make excuses or justify the threats you are enabling genocidiers. The IslamoNazis of Iran have been killing Jews and […]

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Nuclear Iran: Don’t Trust The Europeans To Get It Right

Tweet This is an incredibly powerful video of the brilliant and erudite British Conservative Douglas Murray speaking at Cambridge about a nuclear Iran.  It’s eleven minutes long and builds to an incredible pitch of logic and emotion. Stay with it. Allow me to underline several of Murray’s most important points:

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“If Iran Goes Nuclear There Won’t Be a Debt To Worry About!”

Tweet This past Shabbat, Rev. Dr. DeeDee M. Coleman and Bishop Kenneth Ulmer were guest speakers at my synagogue, the Young Israel of Century City. Articulate and impressive religious and political thinkers, these Christian leaders are in the forefront of a new movement in some black churches—black churches are the engine of black politics—to forge […]

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Israel-Iran: The Shadow War

Tweet As the 2012 presidential election draws near, Barack Obama has abandoned his failed presidency in favor of doing what he does best: running for office. More than anything, Obama fears an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Such a strike would probably raise the price of oil and initiate all sorts of military and […]

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Iran: The Shadow War

Tweet As the Iranians race to acquire nuclear weapons, a shadow war is being waged against the totalitarian Islamic regime. Of course, the Iranians are fighting back. They arrested Arizona-born Amir Mirzai Hekmati,a former Marine of Persian descent, on charges of—what else?—spying for the CIA. Hekmati has been condemned to death. This the method used […]

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The Idiot’s Guide to North Korea

Tweet Here’s a peek into the gulag known as North Korea. Part One: Part Two: Part Three:   With the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, American, Chinese and South Korean forces are on high alert, worried that internal frictions in the hermit kingdom might spark instability and lead to a flood of […]

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Obama and Israel: The True Story

Tweet A worthy and accurate film that explores Obama’s implacable hostility to the Jewish State. H/T Joshua Pundit For the past few days—prepping for his AIPAC appearance and his bid for Judenrat campaign money—Obama has been making all sorts of noise, warning Iran that “he does not bluff.” When I heard that I actually laughed. […]

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