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9-11: 13 Years Later, Never Forgive, Never Forget

Tweet The Torah teaches that we should forever remember what Amalek did to the children of Israel in the desert. Furthermore, the Torah commands us to wipe this evil off the face of the earth. Remember what Amalek did to you on the way as you came out of Egypt, how he attacked you on […]

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Black Mob Beats White Journalist Over Zimmerman Verdict

Tweet Last night, a black mob beat a white journalist, who works for Mr. Conservative, as he interviewed them about the Zimmerman verdict. But we’re sure the black “youths” were not motivated by racial hatred. They were just, y’know, frustrated.

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Obama on Israel: “I, I, I, and Furthermore I…”

Tweet In this morning’s Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens analyzes President Obama’s deeply cynical speech to AIPAC. In addition, Stephens points out that before becoming president, Obama’s mentors on Israel were radical Jewish leftists whose views of Israel are closely aligned with Islamic Jihad. Like George Orwell, Seraphic Secret believes that language matters. Obama’s speech […]

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Memo to Obama: Weakness Invites Aggression

Tweet Former UN Ambassador John Bolton on Obama, Israel and Iran. I was a scrawny, dreamy kid. Schoolyard bullies sensed my weakness and beat the crap out of me on a pretty regular basis. My Yeshiva of Flatbush teachers were less than useless. “I don’t care who started the fight,” they said, “you’re both guilty.” […]

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Israel-Iran: The Shadow War

Tweet As the 2012 presidential election draws near, Barack Obama has abandoned his failed presidency in favor of doing what he does best: running for office. More than anything, Obama fears an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Such a strike would probably raise the price of oil and initiate all sorts of military and […]

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And Now Some Jew-Hatred From John Maynard Keynes

Tweet “It is not agreeable to see civilization so under the ugly thumbs of its impure Jews who have all the money and the power and brains.” —John Maynard Keynes So said the economic hero to the statists of the left. Funny how the social and economic philosophers that gave birth to the modern liberal […]

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Obama and Foreign Policy: Just Kidding

Tweet For the next 14 months Barack Obama will do what he does best: campaign for office. He has already shifted into full buy me, trust me, love me mode. He must, at all costs, rescue his fractured coalition. The hard-left are unhappy because Obama has failed to close Gitmo, has not withdrawn fully from […]

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Terror in Tel Aviv

Tweet A few brief observations about this latest Palestinian terror attack on Jews: 1. Terrorism is part and parcel of Arab Muslim culture. 2. The murder of Jews, Christians and other infidels is always justified by Islamists on religious grounds. 3. The moderate Muslims we hear so much about are about as useful and effective […]

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Iran’s Strategy To Annihilate The Jewish State

Tweet When Islamists detail their grand strategy for the genocide of the Jewish people it’s wise to pay heed. Here, a Hizbullah MP explains the Iranian plan for a final solution. His analysis of the geopolitical situation is accurate for as America draws down from Iraq the power vacuum is being filled by Iran. The […]

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Understanding the UN, Brothel of Hate

Tweet A major part of Barack Obama’s multi-lateral (see under: appeasement) approach to foreign policy involves deeper US engagement with the UN, a corrupt institution whose major function in world affairs is to delegitimize Israel and Judaism. In a sense, the UN is Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity church on a global scale: a place where Orwellian […]

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Stupid American Jews Getting Not-so-Stupid, or: How American Jews Learned to Start Worrying About Obama

Tweet We know: it’s crazy paranoid to assume that a man who was mentored for over 20-years by a rabid Jew-hater just might have a few, um, issues, with Jews and Israel. But hey, Seraphic Secret did not go to an Ivy League college, nor did we attend graduate school where common sense is, North […]

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Karen Speaks to Speaker Boehner

Tweet America is on the edge of an economic precipice. Obama’s stimulus is an utter and complete failure. The latest unemployment figures are not just bad, they are disastrous, truly alarming. Obama, like a petulant child, still blames George Bush. This is not just unseemly and immature, but a grotesque distortion of reality. Either Obama […]

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Obama to Sell Tanks to Egypt/Muslim Brotherhood

Tweet Months ago, Seraphic Secret predicted—not a hard call if you have some common sense—that the so-called Arab spring would end up as a launching pad for the Jew-hating, genocidal yearning Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. We were assured by El Presidente Obama that it was young people—slick rhetorical trick whereby “young” confers legitimacy—who are in […]

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Lone Stars: Texas and Israel

Tweet Several years ago I visited Texas, researching a film I was writing for a Hollywood studio. I had never been  in the Lone Star State before and I did not know what to expect. My guide, a young Texas lady, greeted me warmly at the airport. We chatted amiably in her gigantic Mercedes on […]

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Hillary’s New BFF: Men Who Advocate Female Mutilation

Tweet Soft Power. Smart Diplomacy. Forward thinking. These are the bumper sticker phrases the Obama administration uses in place of a coherent strategy against the fanatic Islamists arrayed against America, Israel and Western civilization. As Seraphic Secret pointed out yesterday, the Obama outreach to the genocidal yearning Muslim Brotherhood is in full swing. Melanie Phillips […]

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Obama Embraces Muslim Brotherhood

Tweet For the past few days I’ve been reading The Kingdom: Arabia & The House of Sa’ud, Robert Lacey’s magisterial and meticulous history of Sa’udi Arabia, the blood and oil soaked Wahhabist empire, a family business—Sa’ud is a family name—tricked out as a country. Here’s a quote on page 145 (1981, hardcover edition)  that discusses […]

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Michele Bachmann: Israel & The Glamour Quotient

Tweet Michele Bachmann (Republican, MN) is running for the GOP Presidential nomination. Karen and I have long been supporters of Representative Bachmann, proudly contributing to her campaigns. She is the anti-Obama when it comes to fiscal and social policy and especially in regard to America and Israel. Bachman was raised in a conservative Christian home […]

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