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IslamoNazi Abbas Digs His Own Grave

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, who knows more about the Arab-Muslim world than most Arab-Muslims, explains the two-and-a half-hour rant delivered by Mahmoud Abbas. World leaders seemed shocked, just shocked by the sheer looniness and Castro-like length of the Abbas rant. But these overbred, overeducated members of the diplomatic corps have conveniently ignored Abbas’ infamous history: he […]

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Seraphic Secret’s Diplomatic Solution to the Arab Israeli Conflict

In light of yesterday’s post regarding murderous, genocidal peace movements, Seraphic Secret is reminded of the Peace Now! bumper stickers that blighted the Israeli landscape for too many years. Peace Now, a brain dead movement, delivered intellectual collapse through Oslo and then death and destruction via Arab Muslim pogroms against the Jewish people. As a […]

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How Peace Movements Commit Murder and Genocide

To any clear thinking person it should be obvious that war is the final arbiter of all great conflicts. Those who speak of negotiated peace speak of fiction. The great world wars have made this world what it is today, for better or ill, and there are numerous lessons to be learned regarding current geo-political […]

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