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Pat Condell: Boo Hoo Palestine

Tweet Another great video from Pat Condell. This one about the Western fetish for the PalNazis.

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Patronising the Palestinians

Tweet Pat Condell delivers some simple truths about the liberal chattering classes who are, when it comes to Islam and Arabs, racists.

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Peace in the Middle East

Tweet The one and only Pat Condell on Israel, IslamoNazis and the delusion of a peace process.

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And Now A Few Words to Rioting Muslims

Tweet Obama and his State Department grovel and apologize to a bunch of murderous barbarians. But Seraphic Secret and most sane people—this excludes Western progressives who enable jihadists everywhere—understand that the Muslim world is dysfunctional, intolerant, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-Modern. President Bush believed that democracy and free elections would cure the ills of the […]

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The Guardian’s Jew-Hatred: The DNA of the Left

Tweet Pat Condell on The Guardian, a liberal British newspaper that proudly trades in Jew-hatred. Our friend Jake Novak, senior producer at Fox Business News, informs Seraphic Secret that the Guardian’s political editor is Patrick Wintour, Anna Wintour’s brother. Anna Wintour, a prominent Obama fund-raiser, is the uber editor of Vogue, the liberal fashion magazine […]

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Pat Condell: Israel and the UN

Tweet The one and only Pat Condell on Obama’s go-to international community the United Nations and the Jew-hatred that animates that sewer.

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Useful Idiots for Palestine

Tweet Lenin coined the phrase “useful idiots” to describe fellow travelers in the US and Europe who were willfully blind to the Communist Party’s mass murders, deportations, and forced starvations. Pat Condell unmasks the useful idiots who are today’s liberals/progressives. This is a follow-up to Condell’s previous video, The Great Palestinian Lie. Speaking of useful […]

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The Great Palestinian Lie

Tweet Pat Condell is a former BBC comedy writer who was also an outspoken public atheist. For the past few years he has turned his intellectual scorn on the “the mythical religion of peace that no one has ever seen in action.” In the past, Condell was, as he admits in this video, quite critical […]

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